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Comments by scottgp (Top 24 by date)

scottgp 2-Oct-18 12:40pm View    
You should just be able to insert normally, using the same naming convention, e.g.
INSERT INTO LinkedServerName.LinkedServerDB.LinkedServerSchema.LinkedServerTable

or select * into LinkedServerName.LinkedServerDB.LinkedServerSchema.LinkedServerTable from dbo.localtable;
scottgp 27-Apr-15 7:38am View    
in this part of the statement, 'INSERT INTO EMPLOYEE 1(Name' is the 1 supposed to be there, and if so , should there be a space between 'EMPLOYEE' and '1'?
scottgp 15-May-14 15:37pm View    
"original poster"
scottgp 19-Feb-14 14:22pm View    
Why not just post the link to where you found this? Looks like it came from here - ?
scottgp 12-Feb-14 7:58am View    
Why are you trying to include the "order by" in the subquery? Why even have the subquery here? It doesn't seem to be serving any purpose.