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Member 12584383 15-Aug-20 6:21am View
I've posted the same query yesterday on SQL community forum
but not any single response throghout the day. that's the reason posted multiple forum of same query.

2- instance name and server name is correct
1434 port is open from firewall and SQL browser is running fine
--I want to make a connection with local(without using server name and instance name)
--and it can be accessible from outside network(using static ip)
Member 12584383 30-Jul-20 0:57am View
any help on above query
Member 12584383 29-Jul-20 7:21am View
clicking on parse query that successfully parsed
but when we click on build query same error occurred
"the declare curser sql construct or statement is not supported"
my sql server version is 2005
please suggest
Member 12584383 29-Jul-20 7:05am View
image datatype
above solution worked fine post remove the 'c:\images\' at first line
and worked fine as when mention below statement
but new problem occurred

erro is ---
the declare curser sql construct or statement is not supported

Member 12584383 29-Jul-20 6:46am View
Member 12584383 29-Jul-20 6:41am View
not working
same error
Must declare the scalar variable @path
i am using SSIS tool