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Comments by Mike Gaskey (Top 4 by date)

Mike Gaskey 16-Nov-12 19:59pm View    
Thank you for the advice - Mike
Mike Gaskey 20-Nov-11 14:23pm View    
Well I solved the problem. To sort of recap: the map mode chages I referenced earlier were valid, changes between screen display and print output. I could see no problem with the HDC's. What I did identify as the problem was the deletion of fonts at the end of the print process and subsequent recreation on the next print function. Establishment of fonts was controlled by a *first time switch* that I had reset at the end of the printing operations, which then drove the deletion and recreation the next time around. Killing the reset cleared up the problem though in all honestly I do not understand this behavior.

Thanks for the help. I'm not sure I would have found the problem had I not gotten the advice from the both of you, that advice helped me to identify the problem by a process of elimination.
Mike Gaskey 18-Nov-11 14:35pm View    
I'll check and thanks for the suggestion.
Mike Gaskey 18-Nov-11 14:35pm View    
I added TRACE statments in key locations in the print and print preview related routines and the mapping mode is changed, at various times it is: MM_TEXT, MM_LOENGLISH and MM_ANISOTROPIC. I'm not sure it matters though since it corrects itself after the 2nd print preview request. I'm reviewing the TRACE output to see if I can identify a problem. Thanks.