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Comments by Iqra Ali (Top 5 by date)

Iqra Ali 21-Nov-17 23:07pm View
Where is the code for console app? Your questions are unclear. Can you edit your concern with bit more clarity?
Iqra Ali 20-Nov-17 11:43am View
The question is unclear, there isn't any sequential logic in the question.
Iqra Ali 19-Nov-17 14:56pm View
You missed to share the error message of the exception, we cannot help you with this much little information.

Try improving the question and add the text for error, so that we can help you out.
Iqra Ali 19-Nov-17 14:54pm View
To append something in between 0 and 1, you need to make that something a "1" and then 1 will be 2. Can you share what is not working?
Iqra Ali 19-Nov-17 14:53pm View
Okay, and what did you expect to see and what was the problem? Your question is a bit unclear.