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raddevus 20-Sep-23 14:33pm View    
Have you looked at the Trusted Execution Environment sample ==>

Then within that, (code at github) take a look at the sample test code ==>

It may show you how to make the calls. Hopefully this helps.
raddevus 25-Aug-23 14:01pm View    
I found this, which could be similar and may just provide a bit more related info:
raddevus 25-Aug-23 13:45pm View    
Also, there are numerous reasons this problem can occur and many of the differing solutions can be see on this StackOverflow =>
raddevus 25-Aug-23 13:42pm View    
Which OS are you running? There is a problem on Linux where you don't have access to the port, which shows up like this.
raddevus 10-Aug-23 14:34pm View    
Way to go! I think you have discovered the answer for this mysterious question -- most likely it is the "click" event that needs to be changed to a "touch" event.