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caffrey_1 26-Sep-17 9:46am View    
The card reader is dumb, it acts just like a keyboard and throws the code into whatever window \ control is in focus. I don't have to worry about system dialogs and things as it's a standalone app
(It's a sign in system) So on the main screen there is basically Sign In and Sign out buttons. For convenience I planned to add card reading functions to the main form.
I've got it working reasonably reliably with the above code as in it's returning the correct name pulled from a LDAP field but I don't like the text box being seen (I got it down to a 1x1 pixel size but it still flashes away to itself!)

Starting to think this is a bad idea for the time it saves the end user so may just abandon it
caffrey_1 5-May-17 10:06am View    
Yep, this really helped thanks
caffrey_1 5-May-17 9:36am View    
I was considering doing it an alternative way and fill a dataset, if the dataset has no rows etc. Just trying to do it a neater way!
caffrey_1 5-May-17 9:34am View    
Throws a couldn't find stored procedure exception ?
caffrey_1 5-May-17 9:32am View    
Yes it is, the update works fine just @Exists is just returned as DBNULL