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Comments by sucram (Top 10 by date)

sucram 7-Dec-11 10:50am View    
Check out my update. If that is not what you are looking for you need to explain your question a bit better orgive us the select statement you want build.
sucram 7-Dec-11 8:58am View    
Ditto. Second chat question in a couple of hours.
sucram 5-Dec-11 10:51am View    
sucram 2-Dec-11 5:34am View    
Update the code. You really could have figured that part out yourself
sucram 2-Dec-11 1:34am View    
If a query does not return a result it will return a table with no rows. So binding to table[0] should not be an issue, unless the dataset is populated programmatically somehow and the table is not created..