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KC@CahabaGBA 2-Dec-15 15:43pm View
Yes all users coming into this web app are authorized users in the sql instance.
KC@CahabaGBA 23-Nov-15 11:23am View
Please Note in Tarun's response this was NOT the actual resolution, however I wanted to be sure to give credit for Tarun providing the direction to the resolution which WAS found in the DataKeyName being included in the GridView tag definition. I had some other minor issues to resolve due to this being such a lingering problem and having so much code manipulated around the issue but the out come was that adding a specific reference of the DataKeyName referencing my unique identifier for my update method 'DocID' resolved this issue. There was mention regarding DataKeyName in the video provided by Tarun following the one he pointed to above. Because of that I wanted to provide full recognition of the contribution to this solution.

Regards and Thanks!
KC@CahabaGBA 23-Nov-15 8:43am View
Okay I just watched the video after this one and I think you pointed to the source of my problem which is going to be 'DataKeyName'. I'm going to play around with it but in your demonstration you attempting an update but it wasn't updating your table. The cause was not being able to reference the correct row which was corrected by setting the reference with the DatakeyName value. In my case this would be targeting 'DocID' which is my unique identifier in my table.

Think this may have it! Going to go do some testing will follow up once I've had a chance to test.

Thanks & Regards,