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Comments by Graham Coulby (Top 2 by date)

Graham Coulby 30-Jul-15 3:23am View
OK, you are a legend!

The problem was to do with the new TranslateTransform in a sense. By storing the TranslateTransform as a property I can modify the XStart and YStart

I changed Ruler_MouseDown to this

private void Ruler_MouseDown(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e)

XStart = e.GetPosition(Grid).X - Translate.X;
YStart = e.GetPosition(Grid).Y - Translate.Y;

IsMouseDown = true;

And now it works. Thank you very much!!!!!
Graham Coulby 30-Jul-15 3:16am View
OK so I set the property in the class to
TranslateTransform Translate = new TranslateTransform();

and changed ruler_mousedown to this

private void Ruler_MouseMove(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)

X = e.GetPosition(Grid).X - XStart;
Y = e.GetPosition(Grid).Y - YStart;

Translate.X = X;
Translate.Y = Y;

Ruler.RenderTransform = Translate;

However, the problem persists, is it possible that it is because of the e.GetPosition(Grid)