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Jaimesh.2411 12-May-16 7:50am View
Now I have one Code Signing Certificate and I want to add it in my Project Setup. How can I do It?

I have already created setup using InstallShield.

Or I have to go with ClickOnce instead of InstallShield?

Any Suggestion?
Jaimesh.2411 10-May-16 8:49am View
Yes.. I got your point.. Thanks for your response. What about code security? How can I sure that my code will not decompile. How to secure code? And any suggestion about trusted authority to buy certificate?
Jaimesh.2411 10-May-16 8:40am View
I have created certificate using this video tutorial(Tutorial Link). Its Easy to create. But when I install setup in another machine then it display "Unknown Publisher". Do you have any suggestion to solve this issue????
Jaimesh.2411 10-May-16 3:12am View
What about Click One?
I have create setup using Click one and publish it on localhost. And also able to set Publisher Name. But when I try to install it on another pc then it display Unknown Publisher.

At this time i refer this link :Video Tutorial
Jaimesh.2411 9-May-16 1:30am View
Ok. Using Visual Studio 2012, I was created one windows form application. And Using InstallShield I created It's Setup file. Now While Installing This Setup in Windows 7 PC, It display:

The Publisher could not be verified. Are you Sure want to run this application?

Name : c:\User\Downloads\setup.exe
Publisher : Unknown Publisher.
Type : Application
From : c:\User\Downloads\setup.exe

Now, I want to change above things (Name :
Publisher : Word Publishers).
How can I do it????
Jaimesh.2411 7-May-16 7:16am View
As I described in my question, I need to set publisher name in setup file. I was tried one article which also defile in my Question. Do you have any Idea how to do this? Any Help?
Jaimesh.2411 7-Apr-16 0:56am View
Any other technique to perform this?
Without using Google translator, how can i translate???
Jaimesh.2411 2-Apr-16 2:40am View
Done it..!!
Thanks for help..