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@cromx 4-Feb-20 12:40pm View    
Actually it helps, those laptops with my app installed don't have the shortcut virus.
@cromx 4-Feb-20 12:29pm View    
Ok, let me explain my situation. In my school, every USB gets infected with this so-called Shortcut virus (idk how and why). I guess you already know what that is right? It hides all files and folders then turns everything to shortcuts and virus executables.

I have this teacher who doesn't want USB drives to be inserted on her laptop because it got infected before (idk how) but is now clean. Of course, when inserted, we can't copy school files because everything is hidden and I had to open cmd and type attrib again and again. Windows Defender doesn't do that anyway so I have to create my own. That's why I made a simple app. To be specific, my app is called USB Shortcut Cleaner and only cleans the USB drive using `attrib` then scan executables and delete if it has the same virus signature. The thing is, the process stops when it reads the virus executables so yeah I would have to just TEMPORARILY disable Defender (not totally) then ENABLE it RIGHT AFTER the process. I do not really care about the new virus definitions whatsoever since its the better AV or Defender's job. Of course, I would not do that in the real world or have any plans doing it, I was just intrigued to ask about the policies.
@cromx 4-Feb-20 11:34am View    
"Scanning anything else is a waste" I have never said that my app scans anything else, it only scans executables and scripts (for now). Plus it is nice to have an AV that will automatically scan USB for viruses and deletes/quarantines it so that it doesn't have to spread to another computer with no AV or outdated Defender. I don't get your point as to why AV software doesn't have to scan.

FYI this is just a simple app, a fun project created by me, a mere student, since our school's computers are infected with shortcut viruses (and yes every USB drives got infected by it).
@cromx 4-Feb-20 10:42am View    
"Defender, nor any virus scanning software, doesn't have to scan a drive when its inserted" but then 360TS is an antivirus that automatically scans the inserted drive!
@cromx 4-Feb-20 8:46am View    
Ok now I'm intrigued and kind of confused. AV like 360 Total Security (which is the currently installed AV on my machine) automatically scans USB drive as soon as it is inserted. So like what you've said, does that mean this is not a virus scanning software?

Additionally, it actually disables Windows Defender when installing. Does this violate the policy?