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RevathySanthanam 24-Jul-15 11:01am View    
but when i just try to display that value from the JS, i get the required IP. now the issue is, to gte that value from JS and use in my other part of the code.
RevathySanthanam 24-Jul-15 10:41am View    
i just did that. could u maybe have a look?
RevathySanthanam 24-Jul-15 10:26am View    
i understand that. but i tried with JS too (as commented to above solution). is it not possible even then?
RevathySanthanam 24-Jul-15 10:26am View    
Right, I read that the client's IP doesnt even reach the server, so I tried to use Javascript to access API's data to get client IP but I am unable to get that value from Javascript into my HTML form i'm using. I tried to give it as value to a hidden input, echo using script tag, all the time I got an empty result. The JS variable value expires by the time it comes to the HTML body. Anyway I can get that JS var into PHP or HTML?
RevathySanthanam 6-May-15 9:14am View    
when i use the above code, I get an error saying: The name 'paramSource' does not exist in the current context.! could you please help me why that's the case?
Thank you.