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Comments by Bilal PC (Top 4 by date)

Bilal PC 27-Jun-16 15:18pm View
Thanks but I want searching for data without textbox I mean using search from cell and show data from cell in this datagridview
Bilal PC 21-Jun-16 7:40am View
I want create such as this system

searching for data from database without textbox and using with cell from datagrid view

I mean Such as this video
Example video youtube
Bilal PC 21-Jun-16 4:59am View
Such as this project
Such as This Example
this project created by VB but I want creation by C#
in this project used CellEndEdit
Now I want create program such as this but how?
Please Help me...
Bilal PC 21-Jun-16 4:48am View
I want using Event ( CellendEdit ) in Datagridview for searching data from database and some operation such as multiplication and division and etc...