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Brittle1618 17-Aug-15 3:51am View    
Oracle BI gives an option that you can select a list of values(IDs in my case) a query works behind that list(select distinct id from table) then you link this list with your parameter which you've used in your main query (like, where id = :id)

Now in the report View page you can select a value from the list and you get the result of that value, and there is an option that you select all the values from the list and result of all the values get displayed in report template.

now in my case the problem is that the template can contain details of only one user at one time so that all option won't work.
what I want to ask is, is there any way that by selecting "All" option I get the details of each user, each on separate page.

I improved the question too, is it a bit more clear now??
Brittle1618 10-Aug-15 7:51am View    
I simply select single ID from the list and get the report for it, then select another ID and report(for that single ID) gets displayed. Haven't come across any solution to get the template(repeating, one after another) for each ID by selecting the "ALL" option from the list.