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Comments by Michael Ulmann (Top 4 by date)

Michael Ulmann 20-Nov-14 21:44pm View    
I suggest you ask a specific question of a problem that you can't overcome yourself. We are not doing the work for you here!
Michael Ulmann 17-Nov-14 17:39pm View    
It's very difficult to judge whether shared/static is what you really need in your circumstances. I'd have to know much more about your project and what you are actually trying to achieve.
In general terms most of the time when designing a software following OO principles information wouldn't make much use of static but have the lifetime of an instance.

If you don't want to look into all this I suggest you make it static but not shared in VB and then use the static accessor in C# as I pointed out in my last suggestion.
Michael Ulmann 16-Nov-14 1:14am View    
Just bear in mind that best practise would be to check for null before using the interface casted object.
Michael Ulmann 14-Nov-14 17:50pm View    
Hehe, no worries, happens to all of us every now and then... ;)