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Comments by nrnoble (Top 2 by date)

nrnoble 5-Sep-11 17:47pm View    
Thanks for the info and the link. This is becoming one of those type of problems where I learn a lot good technical info, but none of it solves the problem. I probably will use SendInput for other projects, but Key events it generates are also being ignored by a few game engines. I almost would think they were tapping the hardware directlty, bypassing the OS, but AutoHotKeys is able to generate key events that are not ignored.
nrnoble 4-Sep-11 19:36pm View    
Thanks.... I have looked over the pinvoke options and not seeing anything that's would alter the results.

Keybd_ events works fine with standard Windows applications, but its game engines that are not responding the events created by the API Keybd_ event.