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sudevsu 3-Mar-20 8:38am View
app .config can be read in all forms. Or create a class the reads the values from app.config and call the object of the class in your forms anywhere as needed.
sudevsu 3-Mar-20 8:35am View
As soon as you log in, store the user into a session like ZurdoDev commented above. It holds the value until the session is expired. When does a session expires? You must be already knowing an answer to this so it is pretty simple to show session values in another web form of same application using sessions
sudevsu 3-Mar-20 8:33am View
You better improve your question with exact error message you are getting. Fatal error could be anything like no connection made/ no column in the table/ anything.
sudevsu 21-Apr-17 12:21pm View
thank you
sudevsu 21-Apr-17 10:45am View
Oh No Ajax is being called. Because control is going to my server side and I have my ajax in try catch block so I am sure it is called but request.Form("mystring") is always nothing. Can't figure it out why?
sudevsu 21-Apr-17 9:53am View
I did try that way too but no luck. result is always showing nothing in server side while debugging.
sudevsu 21-Apr-17 9:22am View
Control is not hitting the Page2.vb Page load method at all. debugging like sick but couldn't find anything wrong.
sudevsu 9-Nov-16 10:02am View
I don't think you have seen my tags. It is for Db2. If I know for Db2 I can write for MySQL. All the links you have in solution are already referred before posting the question. They don't help for Db2. passing with comma separator is my thought too but query should have something like this in IN clause('A','B','C'). ('A,B,C') doesn't work on IN. It works on FIND_IN_SET function MYSQl
sudevsu 9-Nov-16 9:26am View
Thanks Maciej ... It helped after working on it for a while. Thanks for the guidance
sudevsu 24-Oct-16 9:40am View
Thanks Maciej. I did run your three statements before testing them into my query. But I get error like Program column is not found, marks is not found. Meaning create the table and insert statement doesn't have these columns right!? I am talking about these

WHEN Program Like '%[1]%' THEN 'LVL1'
WHEN Program Like '%[2]%' THEN 'LVL2'
WHEN Program Like '%[3]%' THEN 'LVL3'
END AS Program,
WHEN Program Like 'YTD%' THEN 'YTD'
WHEN Program Like '%MT' THEN 'MT'
WHEN Program Like '%SP' THEN 'SP'
WHEN Program Like '%SC' THEN 'SC'
END AS Category,

in your select.
sudevsu 16-Aug-16 16:37pm View
Thanks again @NJammy
sudevsu 16-Aug-16 10:26am View
I does make sense... I am concerned about security issues. However let me give this a shot
sudevsu 16-Aug-16 10:07am View
to elaborate this is what I want to do...
Step1: Send a URL to users via email. Also send a Unique Password.
Step2: User when clicked on the link, request for a password sent in email.
Step3: If valid , redirect to another page to upload File.
If Invalid, Request password from same page. Do not redirect until Valid.

Step4: Upload the File.

Now I have already done few things here. But I don't understand how can I make the url valid for only 24 hours.
How to know that this password is for this link/user ?

Basically I have parts of it all programmed but I missing the links between them. I not marrying them all properly. Let me know if you have ay thoughts on this. Thanks njammy
sudevsu 16-Aug-16 9:58am View
ASP.NET webforms framework 3.5
sudevsu 16-Aug-16 9:50am View
I don't need a code. I just need an idea like njammy did. Thanks
sudevsu 5-Aug-16 16:17pm View
I am not aware of that. I was in misconception that setting a culture would change the page automatically. It would help me if you could tell me how to do that? For example my website has 100 content pages 70 user controls and nested master pages, it means I have to create every value in english and its corresponding spanish. Thats a lot of work. Is there any plugin that can do this without setting all the resource files? I tried google translator but I cannot get rid of the google tool bar that says Switch to Original / Translated to Spanish .
sudevsu 30-Jun-16 14:04pm View
I am aware of that. So I placed all the functions and events from document.ready to a separate function sample(){//Placed all the code here}
And I am calling this SAmple function on document.ready and also later but that didn't help my bind events to work and eventually my selects options are not loaded
sudevsu 30-Jun-16 13:41pm View
No karthik. It is not update panel. My only concern is I bind "change" events on each of these select option on document.ready() so as soon as page is loaded it works great. Once I do something else on the page(not refresh) and then click on button again all the bind "Change" events are not executed if I try to make them as separate function and call also it didn't help
sudevsu 30-Jun-16 11:32am View
I have click event that does what ever document.ready has like loading all my select options but it only works once because page is not being refreshed so it doesn't load my select options again when clicked
sudevsu 29-Jun-16 10:10am View
I got it working by adding this in as a jquery script separate. $('#closeBtn').click(function () {
}); But I am still stumped why that doesn't work with closing the title bar
sudevsu 29-Jun-16 9:40am View
Yeah I know about it. But I am stuck with 1.6 because most of our users are still using the old versions on IE ... Thanks Richard
sudevsu 20-Jun-16 12:57pm View
Thanks Ryan. I did got that straight in my head. I found out the issue. I have set my user controls to visible false which has button1 when other button9 in ASPX is shown. So that is problem. that fixed my partial issue
sudevsu 20-Jun-16 12:48pm View
While you are still here, Could we hide the user control and remove its space but it should still load the user control
sudevsu 31-Mar-16 12:02pm View
Never Mind. I am missing the index. I got it
sudevsu 30-Mar-16 9:44am View
Seriously... I knew it its very simple. Silly me... Thank Griff :)
sudevsu 11-Mar-16 12:34pm View
Any help is appreciated
sudevsu 11-Mar-16 11:41am View
I deleted the post
sudevsu 11-Mar-16 11:40am View
oops sorry I posted it but it didn't show me any so I had to create again. I will delete this. browser has been spinning for 30 mins now and didn't know if question is posted or not
sudevsu 10-Mar-16 16:21pm View
Thank you
sudevsu 10-Mar-16 16:21pm View
I have created a layout that looks exactly like my warehouse.
I am stuck having no idea of how to implement the Directory map in mall.
I need help regarding tutorials, links, any advice on how to create a directory map, just like in shopping mall directions map
sudevsu 24-Feb-16 15:19pm View
Oh yeah ... this worked. I am looking more in SO these days because few experts here aren't helping like you usually do. I regret my decision now. Thank you so much.
sudevsu 24-Feb-16 15:11pm View
"$(...).clear is not a function" is the error I got when I did as per your suggestion. At this line ".clear().append(frame)". I removed this line and it showed the modal pop up with empty frame. No grid is bound
sudevsu 24-Feb-16 15:05pm View
I am not sure if you understood the issue here. Each time a button is clicked on Page1.aspx, the text of the button is passed as parameter to DisplayGrid.aspx and it then Binds the Grid. And I want to display this Grid in a Modal pop up.
sudevsu 24-Feb-16 14:56pm View
Lol. It means analysis.
sudevsu 24-Feb-16 14:54pm View
To bind the Grid, I need the parameter that is passed in Jquery which will then fill the dataset
sudevsu 24-Feb-16 14:52pm View
I have updated as per your suggestion but my parameter is not getting to a variable to pass to the method in Page load of DisplayGrid.aspx
sudevsu 24-Feb-16 14:44pm View
Should the DisplayGrid.aspx page contain a web method that actually gets the dataset filled with the parameter passed in Jquery?
sudevsu 24-Feb-16 14:39pm View
Before I saw your solution, I have had few other tries in program and updated the question.
sudevsu 24-Feb-16 11:51am View
BTW, first thing is I have no idea how to show a gridview in modal pop up
sudevsu 24-Feb-16 11:49am View
I did add server side method. Please look at MyFun() in "What I have tried"
sudevsu 19-Feb-16 14:11pm View
Thanks Richard.
sudevsu 19-Feb-16 14:03pm View
Awww.. How did I miss that . You are right.
sudevsu 19-Feb-16 13:57pm View
now every time the button is clicked first alert shows button text and second alert with empty message. Please see improved questions
sudevsu 19-Feb-16 13:16pm View
I did as per your solution. But now, as soon as I click on button, it shows the alert and all the dynamic created cells and table are gone. It shows white panel. I have Enableviewestate = True in my ASPX page.
sudevsu 19-Feb-16 9:52am View
Page Load for javascript??? Can you show me how?
sudevsu 17-Feb-16 15:00pm View
I have all the error traced in event viewer. But the error message didn't really show where it came from in the message. So I was wondering if that is with some cache issues
sudevsu 16-Feb-16 16:43pm View
Just awesome. Thanks Dave
sudevsu 10-Feb-16 8:16am View
Files having read /write permissions to everyone cannot be opened when embed src is changed to the path of server folder's file. Did that make sense ?
sudevsu 9-Feb-16 10:25am View
I can definitely see that every one has permission to the folder in server.
sudevsu 9-Feb-16 9:56am View
Its not about downloading the File. I have MEnu item "Manual" On clicking it, it should open the PDF in content page on web application. That's it.
sudevsu 4-Feb-16 16:35pm View
I mean I did check that if IP address is correct or not.
sudevsu 4-Feb-16 16:01pm View
I already did that. Did you see the above comment I added 192.1.*.**: ***/Login.aspx which is what I did before posting the question. I wonder why it worked when I first clicked without clearing the browser's history and cache and why it is not working after clearing.
sudevsu 4-Feb-16 15:36pm View
It just keep spinning and ends up showing "Google Chrome could not load the webpage because 192.1**.*.* took too long to respond. The website may be down, or you may be experiencing issues with your Internet connection."

I just cleared my browser's cache and entered the URL and checked and it wont' work
sudevsu 4-Feb-16 15:34pm View
I missed that simple thing. Thanks Richard. Just went out of space for few minutes.
sudevsu 4-Feb-16 14:33pm View
I have connection bcoz it works locally. and also on server. but if I clear the cache and click on url it doesn't show up
sudevsu 29-Jan-16 11:40am View
I tried to set Canvas top didn't work. Please see updated question's Code
sudevsu 29-Jan-16 11:40am View
this is making sense now.
sudevsu 29-Jan-16 11:20am View
Did not quite understand
sudevsu 27-Jan-16 11:59am View
sudevsu 27-Jan-16 11:32am View
Sequential like starting from 123456,123457,123458,123459 like this?
Not quite happy with that. because I have done that earlier. For some reason my VP isn't happy. Because at the End of the day this 6 digit will be a barcode on a sticker.
sudevsu 27-Jan-16 11:30am View
I understood that part. But I don't understand how it is going to remember the number it generated yesterday and make sure it won't generate it again after few days
sudevsu 27-Jan-16 11:29am View
Can you give example?
sudevsu 22-Jan-16 15:18pm View
I don't think u understood the question.
In a windows Form, I have designed a dashboard which is what our company is using since 6 years. that is developed with one panel at center and multiple Grid on the it. Based on the Menu Items its respective grid is displayed.
Like wise I am not knowing the control in WPF.
sudevsu 20-Jan-16 11:57am View
That is the problem I have here, the website was developed some 15 years back and I am new one to work on this now. I don't think it is good idea to start entirely new website based on the old one as it is time consuming. I am stuck in black hole . Thanks for you help . I had all this in my mind but wanted to make sure if its true to my knowledge.
sudevsu 13-Jan-16 11:20am View
Ryan, I don't think that is actually a solution, I am going on for Leave for few days so this is kind of temporary fix for the release. So I didn't post it as solution.
sudevsu 13-Jan-16 11:19am View
Yeah 136 line actually the line you mentioned.
sudevsu 13-Jan-16 8:19am View
Alright I am not sure why is this line causing the problem ?
As soon as I remove the below line from web.config everything worked.
"mimemap mimetype="application/octet-stream" fileextension=".ttf""

I was doing some work with Barcode and ttf images so I added that line in web.config.
I will have to look at this later next week. For now, the release is good to go.
sudevsu 12-Jan-16 11:48am View
I have all the unhandled exepctions redirecting me to a page called "Internal error" .

Error message in Event views shows this
Exception information:
Exception type: CryptographicException
Exception message: Bad Data.
Nothing else apart from the stack trace.
It works locally so I am not sure what is wrong
sudevsu 8-Jan-16 12:28pm View
I saw the scanners in warehouse and you are right about it . They are using wifi scanners with displays and keypad.
So assume that the club car screen system is browser + js capable, then will the Cipher Lab USB scanner work for what I am asking for?
sudevsu 7-Jan-16 10:40am View
Alright this makes some sense now. I can relate. Let me go to warehouse and get back to you. I have to drive couple of miles from my work place.
sudevsu 7-Jan-16 10:18am View
sudevsu 7-Jan-16 9:01am View
Here is the Whole thing again.
When scanned the Barcode on the document (which is generated by my web application) ---> And scan the barcode stickered on the Bin of Rack.
My Claim (Barcode) should update respective field in the Database with the Bin of Rack (where the claimed Items are sitting in warehouse)

I believe there is nothing to show on the scanner actually. Instead warehouse guys have small club cars where there is a screen on each. It should get updated on the Screen. I know it is all grey here. But I have not worked in any warehouse / manufacturing projects earlier. So Its absolutely dark for me to explain properly.
sudevsu 7-Jan-16 8:52am View
This is what I have CipherLab A1070CBS0U001 Barcode Scanner
sudevsu 7-Jan-16 8:39am View
Yes Handheld USB Scanner is what I have.
I am not sure about the rest two questions. And that is the whole point of this thread.
sudevsu 6-Jan-16 15:55pm View
May be the wordings are put incorrectly. But now the other Expert is trying to help me as he/she is getting into this. I would appreciate if you can throw some light in this grey area
sudevsu 6-Jan-16 15:43pm View
Now you are actually getting into this.
Warehouse has Racks. Each Rack has a Bin stickered with a Barcode.
Now if the guy scans the barcode from the printed document and scans the Barcode on the Bin. It has to save the Bin number (that is where my Claim items are sitting )in my Database which will be reflected on the web app further. But they may not be using both at same time as per your point.
sudevsu 6-Jan-16 14:45pm View
Can you elaborate "receive data from the PC to display (which will be hard because it's a Web App"

Why is it hard if its a web app.

sudevsu 6-Jan-16 14:28pm View
BTW, the barcode that is generated is in font Code 39
sudevsu 6-Jan-16 14:25pm View
See, I have created a web application where user enter all the Claim details that is supposed to return/ claim return .
And there is a unique alphanumeric string that is generated by my program and that string is converted to Barcode Image using Keep automation.dll .
Now that image is placed on the top right corner of a paper (printed Claim).
I have people who will work on this project and they will scan the barcode on the printed claim and know where the related products are placed in Rack/Bin in huge warehouse.

I am stuck with last step. I want to know how they can scan and relate that to my Program and get the details on the scanner.
sudevsu 6-Jan-16 13:43pm View
I am not afraid to use JavaScript. But "how" is what I need.
sudevsu 6-Jan-16 13:39pm View
nope. But what I need here is to scan the barcode image (that is generated by my web application) on the claim (printed PDF)
sudevsu 6-Jan-16 13:13pm View
Yeah I am using USB scanner.
But how do I use that scanner to scan the barcode that is generated by my ASP.NEt VB.NEt web application and get the details from Database. I am not quite comfortable with scanner because I haven't worked before. So this is completely New. Please talk in layman terms. To scan a barcode on PDF and get the Rack number that Claim is sitting in is all what I need.
sudevsu 6-Jan-16 9:41am View
debug and see what it returns???
sudevsu 29-Dec-15 10:10am View
No problem. Let us know if you get a solution
sudevsu 28-Dec-15 11:02am View
Ok I saw that. But neither I have access to your code nor I will. But I hope you must have already checked on these things
1) If you have a JavaScript /Client side script running on the Click on Excel, Have a debugger in the debugger tool of browser.
2) Keep a breakpoint on the server side (code behind) page and check to see what is going on behind after clicking the Excel
3) ASP.NEt is all about knowing Postbacks well.

Also Still I don't see the Uploading thing on my End.
I see "waiting for ..." message on the left side bottom on the browser and then the file is downloaded.

I am sorry If any of these are not helpful.
sudevsu 28-Dec-15 10:51am View
I tested in Chrome and FF , there is no Upload... Only the Excel file is downloaded.
sudevsu 28-Dec-15 10:44am View
You understood it wrong Ashutosh. Please read the comments given by Dave.
sudevsu 28-Dec-15 10:42am View
On clicking Excel, there is nothing uploading on the site. Instead clicked Excel is downloaded Tabulated_Report.xlsx. I am not sure where you see the uploading thing happening. Also Is this developed in ASP.Net or MVC?
sudevsu 28-Dec-15 10:33am View
I don't see a ringing bell actually to try.
I have got to View orders Grid. Is it something there?
sudevsu 28-Dec-15 9:42am View
This is not a question buddy. This is a homework...

Go through that link
sudevsu 28-Dec-15 9:17am View
I think datagridview is from windows application. In that case, you will have fill the grid by each row. If its a web application, most of the time we use Gridview in this case assigning the Datasource to Gridview works.
also Please use parameterized query. DO NOT PASS the value in the Query WITHOUT Parameters. Capitals may annoy you but you will thank me later if you know about it
sudevsu 21-Dec-15 14:06pm View
No I did develop windows service already. Its running quite good. However, I have read a suggestion that was made by someone that are commented in the question. so I thought lets do a scheduled task
sudevsu 17-Dec-15 10:43am View
Appreciate that. Thanks
sudevsu 15-Dec-15 15:26pm View
Also I have tried and I get "the requested document is not available in Firefox's cache." I dont' want this message. Instead I want the entire page to reload again. I believe there is no answer for this
sudevsu 15-Dec-15 12:18pm View
BTW, this can be only positive to IE. Not FF, Chrome.
sudevsu 15-Dec-15 12:14pm View
Yes. I have web page which is like information gathering form and on clicking submit, it shows a success message after inserting the data. Now I clicked on Page2.aspx. Now back button on the browser is clicked and I see the success message instead of loading the entire page. This one is being a problem since last 2 weeks. I couldn't solve. just losing hopes
sudevsu 15-Dec-15 8:54am View
What happens if this is added Tadit. I can still click on back button on the browser and it should "requested document is not available on Firefox cache"
sudevsu 11-Dec-15 16:01pm View
I tried the first one already and I got this message in the browser
"This document is no longer available.

The requested document is not available in Firefox's cache.

As a security precaution, Firefox does not automatically re-request sensitive documents.
Click Try Again to re-request the document from the website."
sudevsu 30-Oct-15 16:22pm View
I am not sure why? but for some reason this worked absuoultely fine in VS2013/ VS2010 . It is not working in VS2008. I did add reference System.Core. It shows me an Error "Unable to cast object of type 'WhereSelectEnumerableIterator`2" ... After putting a efforts on this for a week and I was finally there but again a disaster... arghhhhh...
sudevsu 29-Oct-15 11:42am View
What did you try so far? what was the error you got
sudevsu 28-Oct-15 12:10pm View
When someone is trying to help you ... You are not supposed to comment like that. OriginalGriff is trying to help you by saying what you should do to improve your question.
sudevsu 27-Oct-15 10:01am View
Thank you ...
sudevsu 27-Oct-15 10:00am View
I did try your query in MySQL in fiddle and it always throws me error saying oops something went wrong. I have never used fiddle
sudevsu 26-Oct-15 16:34pm View
This actually didn't work. I have used exactly same thing I get the below error
"You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'case when BinUse > 1 then "Yes" else "No" from (select BABLOC, BinUse = count(BA' at line 1"

BTW, I did this in MYSQL instead of DB2 to check .
sudevsu 26-Oct-15 10:59am View
If PRM_QTY is '' then it should ignore the where clause for this condition alone.
It should just check VINBIN.BAQOH > 0
It PRM_QTY is some value '50' then it should give me results like
sudevsu 26-Oct-15 10:50am View
Basically, if I don't pass the value it should ignore that condition
sudevsu 26-Oct-15 10:45am View
Thanks George. I tried it works only if I pass the value. If I don't pass the value it should ignore this clause in where. but it throws me an error data conversion error
sudevsu 26-Oct-15 10:43am View
I may or may not pass the value for PRM_QTY . Meaning. If I don't pass the value it should ignore the comparison. But it throws me an error saying "Data conversion error"
sudevsu 21-Oct-15 12:50pm View
Awesome. thank a ton.
sudevsu 21-Oct-15 11:36am View
I think Grouping on Item and Bin would solve the Problem. Because we are grouping on BIN, there will be an error as Some Bins can have different Items also. So how to group on Item and BIN? All are string datatypes. Please consider them as String and let me know. We want Items and BINS that are grouped in Group Clause
sudevsu 21-Oct-15 10:33am View
Can we group by Item and Bin ?
I tried this but it gives me error saying conversion of Long is not possible.

Dim clearedBins = (From d1 In dtNew.AsEnumerable() _
.GroupBy(Function(b) b.Field(Of String)("Bin").ToString().Trim() AndAlso b.Field(Of String)("Item").ToString()) _
.Select(Function(g) New With _
{ _
Key .Bin = g.Key(), _
Key .Comments = String.Join("|", g.Select(Function(c) c.Field(Of String)("Comment").Trim())) _
}) _
.Where(Function(a) a.Comments.Contains("Cleared")) _
Join d2 In dtNew.AsEnumerable() _
.Select(Function(a) a) On d1.Bin.ToString() Equals d2.Field(Of String)("Bin").ToString().Trim()) _
.Select(Function(b) b.d2) _

This grouping on Two fields should solve the problem. Please help me
sudevsu 21-Oct-15 9:46am View
I understood that we are grouping by BIN and checking if Cleared belongs to that Group. But In that case, the Query shouldn't return the last two rows which are not having "Cleared" in comments. But It returns them as well instead of First three. Please see the DataTable from Query
sudevsu 21-Oct-15 9:09am View
I totally agree on doing a class but I first need to get the LINQ query work first as expected. I have couple of other LINQ queries based on the results of the above LINQ results. If this gives me accurate results, I think everything will work perfect. I have been working on this since a week and I learned a bit from your Queries and explanation.
sudevsu 21-Oct-15 9:05am View
Thank you Maciej.
I am trying to work on this LINQ queries as per my need. First to understand I have been trying your suggestion which you said "If you want to get 2 or 3 rows with Bins which were cleared, try this:" But I don't see right outer join is working with this LINQ . I cannot see null as results if it doesn't exists . instead I get a union of these two tables . Let me show you an example.

I have updted my Question so that formatting will be easy to understand.
Please see above
sudevsu 19-Oct-15 15:46pm View
I get error saying {"Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: row"}. It doesn't allow me adding a null / default
sudevsu 19-Oct-15 15:35pm View
I did change that to

Dim JoinResult2 = (From o In dtcleared.AsEnumerable _
Group Join a In dtNew.AsEnumerable _
On o.Field(Of String)("Bin").Substring(0, 6) Equals a.Field(Of String)("Bin") _
And o.Field(Of String)("Item") Equals a.Field(Of String)("Item") Into _Table2 = Group _
From _a In _Table2.DefaultIfEmpty() _
Select New With _
{ _
Key .Item = _a.Field(Of String)("Item"), _
Key .Bin = _a.Field(Of String)("Bin"), _
Key .Size = _a.Field(Of String)("Size"), _
Key .Description = _a.Field(Of String)("Description"), _
Key .MoveQty = _a.Field(Of String)("Move Qty"), _
Key .ToBin = _a.Field(Of String)("To Bin"), _
Key .Comment = _a.Field(Of String)("Comment"), _
Key .Action = o.Field(Of String)("Action")
But no use
sudevsu 19-Oct-15 15:10pm View
Nothing funny here but I have just been there to check syntax and all. :) but didn't help though
sudevsu 19-Oct-15 15:01pm View
Yeah I did try that. Only after trying I will ask here. I am not that person who will leave work on someone's shoulders and sit happily. I am very much interested to learn LINQ.

Dim JoinResult1 = _
(From o In dtcleared.AsEnumerable _
Join a In dtNew.AsEnumerable _
On a.Field(Of String)("Item") Equals o.Field(Of String)("Item") into JoinItem _
From a in JoinItem.DefaultIfEMpty() _
Select New With _
{ _
Key .Item = a.Field(Of String)("Item"), _
Key .Bin = a.Field(Of String)("Bin"), _
Key .Size = a.Field(Of String)("Size"), _
Key .Description = a.Field(Of String)("Description"), _
Key .MoveQty = a.Field(Of String)("Move Qty"), _
Key .ToBin = a.Field(Of String)("To Bin"), _
Key .Comment = a.Field(Of String)("Comment"), _
Key .Action = o.Field(Of String)("Action")

I get error at into clause
sudevsu 19-Oct-15 14:54pm View
I want a Right outer Join for

<pre> Dim JoinResult1 = _
(From o In dtcleared.AsEnumerable _
Join a In dtNew.AsEnumerable _
On a.Field(Of String)("Item") Equals o.Field(Of String)("Item") _
Select New With _
{ _
Key .Item = a.Field(Of String)("Item"), _
Key .Bin = a.Field(Of String)("Bin"), _
Key .Size = a.Field(Of String)("Size"), _
Key .Description = a.Field(Of String)("Description"), _
Key .MoveQty = a.Field(Of String)("Move Qty"), _
Key .ToBin = a.Field(Of String)("To Bin"), _
Key .Comment = a.Field(Of String)("Comment"), _
Key .Action = o.Field(Of String)("Action")

Meaning results something like below
For the columns it should show Empty or ""
Item BIN Size Description MoveQty ToBin Comment Action
AD1952234763 AN033 LT24575R16 120/116Q E ADVANTA A/T ROBL 16 AR029 Reduced Bin AN033 Reduced,Reduced,Cleared
AD1952234763 AN033 LT24575R16 120/116Q E ADVANTA A/T ROBL 26 AL031 Reduced Bin AN033 Reduced,Reduced,Cleared
AD1952234763 AN033 LT24575R16 120/116Q E ADVANTA A/T ROBL 13 AL036 Cleared Bin AN033 Reduced,Reduced,Cleared
sudevsu 19-Oct-15 14:50pm View
Basically I want a Right Outer Join for this

Dim JoinResult1 = _
(From o In dtcleared.AsEnumerable _
Join a In dtNew.AsEnumerable _
On a.Field(Of String)("Item") Equals o.Field(Of String)("Item") _
Select New With _
{ _
Key .Item = a.Field(Of String)("Item"), _
Key .Bin = a.Field(Of String)("Bin"), _
Key .Size = a.Field(Of String)("Size"), _
Key .Description = a.Field(Of String)("Description"), _
Key .MoveQty = a.Field(Of String)("Move Qty"), _
Key .ToBin = a.Field(Of String)("To Bin"), _
Key .Comment = a.Field(Of String)("Comment"), _
Key .Action = o.Field(Of String)("Action")
sudevsu 19-Oct-15 14:50pm View
Can you have Right outer Join for this?
sudevsu 19-Oct-15 14:13pm View
@Maciej Los .

Earlier, The solution you gave me here

Is kind of for this. But I belive I am doing same thing over and over again.
For this reason, I would like to ask you if you can do that with above datatable1 dt1. How would that be possible? I have been trying to figure it out but no luck like the other one. Can you help me please?
sudevsu 19-Oct-15 14:09pm View
Thank you all
sudevsu 19-Oct-15 14:03pm View
Can you tell me how to do that to To List() at the end
sudevsu 19-Oct-15 13:56pm View
Have been there already. :(
sudevsu 19-Oct-15 13:35pm View
yeah I did, instead of going each line on the datatable, only after I press F11, it comes to next line and if I watch the resultjoin, it was showing me that "Type Expected"
sudevsu 19-Oct-15 13:11pm View
I did change those two. But in the Joinresult variable I get "Type Expected".

Other than that there is no error or no result.
sudevsu 19-Oct-15 12:56pm View
sudevsu 19-Oct-15 12:36pm View
a.Field(Of String)("Move Qty")
sudevsu 19-Oct-15 9:41am View
I have used same function for my another LINQ query results and it converts it absolutely fine. But this result it doesn't show any errors. Instead it returns all empty rows
sudevsu 19-Oct-15 9:36am View
Yeah I am still working on that. I am trying to convert this result list to a datable by using below function. But that doesn't work. Can you tell me the reason. No errors or nothing.
Public Function ConvertToDataTable(Of T)(ByVal list As IList(Of T)) As DataTable
Dim table As New DataTable()
Dim fields() As FieldInfo = GetType(T).GetFields()

For Each field As FieldInfo In fields
table.Columns.Add(field.Name, field.FieldType)
For Each item As T In list
Dim row As DataRow = table.NewRow()
For Each field As FieldInfo In fields
row(field.Name) = field.GetValue(item)
Return table
End Function
sudevsu 19-Oct-15 8:38am View
Thank you
sudevsu 15-Oct-15 14:08pm View
Can you please tell me in I want to test this, I tried and it shows errors

Dim clearedBins = dtNew.AsEnumerable().[Select](Function(c) New With { _
Key .Item = c.Field(Of Integer)("Item"), Key .Action = c.Field(Of String)("Comment").Substring(0, c.Field(Of String)("Comment").IndexOf(" ")), _
Key .Bin = c.Field(Of String)("Comment").Substring(c.Field(Of String)("Comment").IndexOf(" "), (c.Field(Of String)("Comment").Length - c.Field(Of String)("Comment").IndexOf(" ")))}).GroupBy(Function(a) New From { a.Bin, a.Item }).Select(Function(g) New With { Key .Bin = g.Key.Bin, Key .Item = g.Key.Item, Key .Action = String.Join(",", g.[Select](Function(x) x.Action)) }).Where(Function(b) b.Action.Contains("Cleared")).ToList()
sudevsu 14-Oct-15 14:35pm View
Please see the example where I strikes out the lines that shudn't be considered
sudevsu 14-Oct-15 14:34pm View
Hey Manas,

You misunderstand the question, I want those rows that are associated with same bin if it reduced and cleared. Not just cleared alone. If the next bin is not cleared then I don't want that row.
sudevsu 30-Sep-15 16:48pm View
This is not what I am looking for. I want the external proc to be called on each row with a parameter passing from select query
sudevsu 30-Sep-15 14:42pm View
Before that, Can you tell me if my query written above is correct ? Meaning, for each row of the select statement results, it should pass a value from it to external proc and return a result union of both the query and external proc.
I am hanging on the edge and banging my head since last three days for this. Google doesn't help me in finding any solutions in DB2.
sudevsu 30-Sep-15 14:37pm View
I did try this. But no luck. Can you just tell me or write the same. I am pretty new to DB2
sudevsu 28-Sep-15 14:22pm View
Got it. Thanks
sudevsu 28-Sep-15 13:42pm View
I did it like below

Because I want a like clause there
sudevsu 28-Sep-15 13:24pm View
Yeah but it putting restriction on ICITEM if its empty/null. It doesn't return anything. Instead I want it to return all records
sudevsu 28-Sep-15 13:09pm View
Well , yeah something like this. But it didn't fulfill the requirement though. When the parameter is empty it should return all results. If Parameter is '3' then it only returns the records where ICITEM='3'. Meaning, it PRMICITEM is not empty, then it should check for this constraint. otherwise it shouldn't
sudevsu 25-Sep-15 11:40am View
Got it. Thank you. However, I did get a solution.
sudevsu 25-Sep-15 11:05am View
variable height for Grid? Its not about height. Its about Width. I did try changing width sizes and still it is not showing the entire grid.
sudevsu 25-Sep-15 8:41am View
May be its true, But thats what I can do... Because the result of above SP should had to have a call to external SP on each row. Only then we get the required output
sudevsu 21-Sep-15 9:22am View
Thank you
sudevsu 21-Sep-15 9:22am View
Thank you
sudevsu 21-Sep-15 9:22am View
This has helped me. Thank you
sudevsu 13-Aug-15 14:54pm View
Lol, yeah I did. Thank you. I will delete this post now.
sudevsu 13-Aug-15 14:33pm View
Thank you
sudevsu 10-Aug-15 13:07pm View
There you go ... You are awesome. Thanks a lot. First time ever, someone from Codeproject constantly giving solutions till it is achieved. I really Appreciate you Richard. Thanks a lot. I did add ClientID mode on dropdown as well.
sudevsu 10-Aug-15 12:53pm View
It is txtProdcode. Yeah I know that these are case sensitive.
And I do have master page. and I added ClientID Mode on the Textbox Control to Static but didn't help me
sudevsu 10-Aug-15 12:40pm View
Thanks Richard. But even now, my value is not assigned to asp:Textbox.
I have this txtProdCode in panel(not update panel) Page1.aspx on which the modal popup opens. If that has anything to do with.
sudevsu 10-Aug-15 12:25pm View
I am doing it this way. But I don't seem that works. I need help on that

Save: function () {
var value = $("ddlProductCd").val();
$("#txtProdcode").text = $("#ddlProductCd").val();
$(this).find("iframe").attr({ src: "" });
sudevsu 10-Aug-15 12:22pm View
When I click on Save button on Pop up, I want the selected value to assign to the Textbox.
sudevsu 10-Aug-15 12:17pm View
function getfoc() {
$("#modal_PrdCddialog iframe").attr({ src: "ProductCode.aspx" });
title: "Select the Product Code to fill the Tire size",
css: { border: 'Yellow' },
autoOpen: true,
modal: true,
height: 300,
width: 450,
open: function (event, ui) {
$('#modal_PrdCddialog').css('overflow', 'hidden'); //this line does the actual hiding
buttons: {
Save: function () {
var value = $("ddlProductCd").val();
$("#txtProdcode").text = $("#ddlProductCd").val();
$(this).find("iframe").attr({ src: "" });
Close: function () {
$(this).find("iframe").attr({ src: "" });
}).prev(".ui-dialog-titlebar").css("background", "blue");

sudevsu 10-Aug-15 11:37am View
I can definitely see that this is working. But my submit on Modal popup is not returning the value selected from dropdown after I added this code. Can you please suggest?
sudevsu 7-Aug-15 13:32pm View
Can you please see my updated question and help me with that
sudevsu 6-Aug-15 14:31pm View
Yeah That's the help I am looking for
An open source solution that does the work.
I didnt find any reliable open source. So I am asking for help here about the sample code for writing our won Barcode renderer.
I always check with google first and then come here for help.
sudevsu 6-Aug-15 13:52pm View
So consider my string is "MFI-08052015-123"
I will save that in DB as string value.
But when user clicks on Print button, it is going to fill in the PDF form and then it should add the associated string " MFI-08052015-123" in scanner barcode form. Now I am unhappy with the dll I am using for this. I would like to use my own code instead of readily available dlls. Because, it has to be licensed after trail and it also prints a water mark on the barcode of their company name. I don't want either to happen.
So I am looking for customized code for creating the string to Barcode Image.
sudevsu 28-Jul-15 10:09am View
Meaning. Can you please give any example for it
sudevsu 28-Jul-15 9:16am View
Not an extra button, Submit will insert the data to Database and then followed by JavaScript which is below. Multiple things on same button
sudevsu 28-Jul-15 8:10am View
As said earlier, I already created the PDF on server side. But it opens on same page. Now I want a button to work exactly like a print preview on browser. Could you please tell me how
sudevsu 28-Jul-15 8:01am View
lol... No he is really good guy. But he has come down to make the non-computer literates (Dealers) happy. :)
He will only be happy if all the possible options are closed.
Now... Exactly print preview of browser should be how the button is supposed to work. Can you tell me how?
sudevsu 27-Jul-15 17:00pm View
Nope. I knew that someone is gonna tell this. My Manager wants it like that. It should open same exact page like print preview. Can you help me please?
sudevsu 27-Jul-15 16:34pm View
Yeah. COrrect. I will tell this to my manager And I did complete the solution for showing new data in response to user action on the same window. Thank a lot SA :)
sudevsu 27-Jul-15 15:00pm View
Yeah when I say Attachment , I mean something like
show new data in response to user action on the same window

Open Save Cancel.
I think that's what you mean. I have done with this as solution for now.
But I really want to new tab / window because most of the dealers using the site are not computer literates , so they want everything open and requested for this
sudevsu 27-Jul-15 14:43pm View
Ok Instead asking the user to Save/ Open / cancel like an attachment would be better?
sudevsu 23-Jul-15 16:03pm View
I really don't know the concept of static dictionary so I am not trying the solution. Will surely keep in mind for future .
thank you
sudevsu 23-Jul-15 16:01pm View
it is not confusing Praveen. I have set of check boxes like Tread, Sidewalk, Other, Bead etc., Now if database value is Sidewalk it going to check Sidewalk and rest all should be unchecked. Simple. Similarly another set of checkboxes in the PDF are Left Front, Trailer, Left Rear etc.,
sudevsu 23-Jul-15 13:54pm View
This helped me to achieve what I need. I just changed a bit. But idea was from your solution. Thank a lot.
sudevsu 23-Jul-15 9:55am View
This wont work. I tried it. And it says error at "expression expected" near J++
sudevsu 23-Jul-15 9:51am View
Because there are checkboxes in the PDF for each field. So I am checking only if the value matches to the field
sudevsu 22-Jul-15 13:36pm View
I am not using IIS to host. yeah I do see localhost:1234 like url.
However, I just rebooted . stupid solution but worked. Didn't have patience to figure it out. arghhhhh
sudevsu 20-Jul-15 16:14pm View
I just did what you said and it worked perfectly for my requirement. Thanks
sudevsu 20-Jul-15 9:25am View
Different meaning It should actually change the orientation
sudevsu 20-Jul-15 9:23am View
Thanks SA for the solution.
But I wasn't sure about the solution. Because I want entire preview page to look different to my page.aspx

Ignore negative comments.
sudevsu 20-Jul-15 9:20am View
Suppose my page.aspx has print button. On clicking button, it should get the data into respective controls and fields and display the format as different to page.aspx design
sudevsu 20-Jul-15 9:13am View
What the hell is wrong with you Shekhosvtsov? When someone is trying to help, how come you comment like that? If cannot help keep quiet . This blog is not to abuse. Its for helping. I haven't read the article tha Sergey provided in the solution, however your comment is not appreciable.
sudevsu 6-Jul-15 11:32am View
Yeah that's true. But I really don't need it line by line. I don't understand the part from UnionAll. That's where I was stuck. I know its hard to sit and write line by line. But I would be more than happy to make some kind of effort in trying to make it understand rather than telling it blindly ... But yeah I totally agree with u as well.
sudevsu 6-Jul-15 10:43am View
Do you mean you want your website to work Offline mode?
sudevsu 29-Jun-15 16:44pm View
sudevsu 26-Jun-15 10:08am View
Anyway I did something like this.

select icitem, icdsc1, icdsc2, ifloc, ifqoh, ifqcm, count(ifqoh) as 'count'
join TESTDATA.VINITEM on icitem = ifitem
where ifcomp = 1
and ifdel = 'A'
and ifqoh = 0
and icitem like 'VP%'
group by ifitem having count>0
order by ifloc, ifitem;

But that doesn't make any sense to me. sum (ifqoh)=0 ??? Whaaaattttt
sudevsu 26-Jun-15 10:07am View
Hehe lol no. I mean how can we sum with a condition?
sudevsu 19-Jun-15 12:44pm View
Thank you
sudevsu 9-Jun-15 16:40pm View
Oh I knew I can use session. I thought if there is an another way form form. Thanks anyway
sudevsu 2-Jun-15 15:06pm View
sudevsu 1-Jun-15 15:44pm View
also you can use Dataview to filter what ever value you want.
sudevsu 1-Jun-15 15:31pm View
Oh Really? Crazy
sudevsu 29-May-15 12:11pm View
Oh I really didn't see that. I saw that it is sitting in questions and I answered.
sudevsu 28-May-15 15:13pm View
who ever downvoted this? Can you please tell me why? Nothing offensive, I just want to know whether it is wrong with code or the approach?
sudevsu 27-May-15 9:13am View
Thank you. Same answer as solution 1
sudevsu 27-May-15 9:12am View
Thank you
sudevsu 20-May-15 8:31am View
Alright thanks for all your time. I just created a new form and did the same process everything seems working fine.
sudevsu 19-May-15 15:12pm View
Yeah it does... I wonder same code works absolutely fine for one combobox and it doesn't for another. Everything seems weird when you really don't understand the code right! :-/
sudevsu 19-May-15 14:26pm View
In C#: Me.DrawItem += New DrawItemEventHandler(AddressOf AdvancedComboBox_DrawItem)

Vb.Net : AddHandler Me.DrawItem, AddressOf AdvancedComboBox_DrawItem
sudevsu 19-May-15 10:50am View
I did as u said. No luck!
sudevsu 19-May-15 10:47am View
This piece of code is from another form called EditItem.vb
Where I want to change the color of combo box

If strAcc.Trim().Length > 0 Then
Dim AccName As String = String.Empty
AccName = dbProd.GetAccountNumber("", strAcc)
cmbAccount.Text = AccName

cmbAccount.SelectedValue = AccName
Dim oCmbBox As ComboBoxColor = New ComboBoxColor(cmbAccount)

sudevsu 19-May-15 10:31am View
Public Sub New(ByVal cmb As ComboBox)
MyBase.DrawMode = System.Windows.Forms.DrawMode.OwnerDrawFixed
AddHandler cmb.DrawItem, AddressOf AdvancedComboBox_DrawItem

End Sub

Private Sub AdvancedComboBox_DrawItem(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As DrawItemEventArgs) Handles Me.DrawItem
If e.Index < 0 Then
End If

Dim combo As ComboBox = TryCast(sender, ComboBox)
If (e.State And DrawItemState.Selected) = DrawItemState.Selected Then
e.Graphics.FillRectangle(New SolidBrush(HighlightColor), e.Bounds)
e.Graphics.FillRectangle(New SolidBrush(combo.BackColor), e.Bounds)
End If

e.Graphics.DrawString(combo.Items(e.Index).ToString(), e.Font, New SolidBrush(combo.ForeColor), New Point(e.Bounds.X, e.Bounds.Y))

End Sub
sudevsu 19-May-15 10:31am View
Dim oCmbBox As ComboBoxColor = New ComboBoxColor(cmbAccount)

cmbAccount is the combo box I want to change the color. So I added a parameter in the class method as well.