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Comments by Andy Missico (Top 13 by date)

Andy Missico 6-Nov-13 19:58pm View
Reason for my vote of 2 \n The trigger template is non-standard. Should be protected override void On{EventName}({EventName}Args e), the caller is the "trigger". The On... method should only raise the event with the specified argument. Also, the use of delegate is not needed in newer version of C#.
Andy Missico 2-Sep-11 2:04am View
Article already exists. I bookmarked this link last Saturday.
Andy Missico 1-Sep-11 20:26pm View
See Visual Studio's LINQ samples (Language Samples\LINQ Samples\SampleQueries). It has an ObjectDumper class. I modified it a little and it doesn't handle indent/unindent properly, yet it is extremely helpful. It is one of my standard "dump" routines.
Andy Missico 1-Sep-11 20:21pm View
It is not about making you "feel-dumb" or how much "better-coder" I am but actually answering questions in the context asked and helping someone in need. :O)
Andy Missico 1-Sep-11 6:06am View
It is not so bad changing the display attribute. After a few modifications, you have a debugger display string that stays with and becomes part of the class.
Andy Missico 1-Sep-11 6:02am View
Create a global method to dump a list to the debug window. When execution is paused, call the method from the immediate window and pass in your list. I have about ten standard "dump" methods in my code library.
Andy Missico 1-Sep-11 4:00am View
I cannot because your question is vague. Read the help on the Load method to see if it will help you. I gave you the syntax to get you started on a different possible solution.
Andy Missico 1-Sep-11 3:45am View
For troubleshooting, change the icon is 16 pixels wide, 16 pixels high, and 16 colors. In addition, you can try editing your old icon to include a red circle and see if this edited icon displays.
Andy Missico 1-Sep-11 3:40am View
Use Fiddler to see if there is an error retrieving the icon.
Andy Missico 1-Sep-11 3:29am View
You need to provide more information in order to get any kind of response that may help you.
Andy Missico 28-Jan-11 20:35pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
No reason to "wait". Just cancel and move on. Also, DoEvents allows the complete system (operating system) to process all messages. This can have unwanted side-effects.
Andy Missico 3-Aug-10 16:45pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
This is not an alternative because it does not check for other whitespace characters. Moreover, since the displayed code is C#, the keyword `Nothing` is not appropriate.
Andy Missico 3-Aug-10 16:42pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
Not an alternative. With throw ArgumentNullException when `input` is null/Nothing. In addition, an extra String object is created for the `Trim` method's return value.