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Comments by Prava-MFS (Top 47 by date)

Prava-MFS 22-Jul-16 3:13am View    
Which editor you are using for your application?
Prava-MFS 13-Jul-16 3:35am View    
What you want from us then?:)
Prava-MFS 12-Jul-16 10:22am View    
I don't think it is possible to get so. Either it will return INVALID DATE, if the date can not parse it, or it will return timestamp data if it can parse it.
Prava-MFS 11-Jul-16 14:46pm View    
Done :) (y).
Prava-MFS 1-Jul-16 7:00am View    
Np :). Please check the link Karthik has shared. Its the best way so far what I know. Let me know if you face any issue after referring the link (