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Prava-MFS 22-Jul-16 3:13am View
Which editor you are using for your application?
Prava-MFS 13-Jul-16 3:35am View
What you want from us then?:)
Prava-MFS 12-Jul-16 10:22am View
I don't think it is possible to get so. Either it will return INVALID DATE, if the date can not parse it, or it will return timestamp data if it can parse it.
Prava-MFS 11-Jul-16 14:46pm View
Done :) (y).
Prava-MFS 1-Jul-16 7:00am View
Np :). Please check the link Karthik has shared. Its the best way so far what I know. Let me know if you face any issue after referring the link (
Prava-MFS 1-Jul-16 6:23am View
Updated the code, please check and try once.
Prava-MFS 1-Jul-16 2:30am View
Okay. Please debug it with IE developer tool bar and paste here what issue you are getting.
Prava-MFS 30-Jun-16 9:40am View
Thanks @Richard for the catch. It should be 'getElementsByName' and the id can be accessed then as 'inputs[0].id'. Thank you for pointing it out :).
Prava-MFS 30-Jun-16 9:34am View
I agree with @Richard. Nobody here can help you writing the code. You have to write on your own and then can ask for any help if you find any issue.
Prava-MFS 30-Jun-16 9:30am View
The same question asked by another member. I posted the below answer to that member too.
Prava-MFS 30-Jun-16 8:47am View
It depends on what you need!! If you wanna stay on the same page after logged in, then just a normal page refresh (same page) would work with updating cookie/session data or with updating the menus.
Prava-MFS 30-Jun-16 8:40am View
As you mentioned, it's working fine on development server but not on the production server. Please clear the cache and cookie on production server and if you still face the same issue, then check the IE version on development and production system.
Prava-MFS 2-Jun-16 6:42am View
Provide the code what you tried and the exact error you are getting.
Prava-MFS 2-Jun-16 6:31am View
I added your code over here: Can you please explain more about your issue. As per your description, I am unable to find the issue as it is working perfectly for me. Please explain more as I think I am missing something.
Prava-MFS 17-May-16 11:47am View
Nice answer +5 :).
Prava-MFS 16-May-16 1:56am View
Paste here the error message you are getting.
Prava-MFS 13-May-16 3:21am View
Have you tried executing my code? If yes, then please paste the value of $q2, $q3, ..., $q10 value over here.
Prava-MFS 27-Apr-16 3:59am View
Glad that it helped :).
Prava-MFS 27-Apr-16 3:42am View
The most important advantage of using other IDE than Notepad++ is - Having the ability to debug. With Notepad++, need to install plugins to make it a pseudo-IDE. The above IDEs I mentioned help to write good code, and jump around in a project efficiently.

With the above mentioned IDEs, SCM (Source Code Management) has already been installed i.e. CVS, SVN, GIT etc.
Prava-MFS 27-Apr-16 3:28am View
As Karthik mentioned, please let us know what is the actual issue so that we can help you further.
Prava-MFS 27-Apr-16 3:16am View
Correctly said Richard :).
Prava-MFS 22-Jul-15 2:41am View
You can use $_GET too for getting the same result.
Prava-MFS 22-Jul-15 2:27am View
Image file (form type enctype) can not be submitted through AJAX. You need to use iframe for posting the data easily. But, if you want to get the fname, lname, email only in the $_REQUEST content, then remove this line `contentType: false,` and then try. You will get $_REQUEST['fname'], $_REQUEST['lname'] and $_REQUEST['email'] value.

Note: Best to use $_POST instead of $_REQUEST.
Prava-MFS 22-Jul-15 2:10am View
Try the updated code and let me know if it worked for you.
Prava-MFS 22-Jul-15 1:56am View
If you want to get idea of how serialize() works, then please go through this Link
Prava-MFS 22-Jul-15 1:52am View
Have you added jQuery library file into your page? If not, then add this one for testing : <script src=""></script>. If you already added, then check what value is coming for $_POST['usermsg'] in chat_new.php file.
Prava-MFS 6-Jul-15 2:11am View
Hope this link help you -
Prava-MFS 5-Jan-15 5:22am View
Nice answer, a good simple solution for OP's question :)
Prava-MFS 2-Jan-15 13:03pm View
@Vikrant, has the client's website has a permanent domain or is it running through IP address?
Prava-MFS 2-Jan-15 13:00pm View
Give the write permission to the root folder recursively or else you can try running the command with super user like sudo <command>.
Prava-MFS 1-Dec-14 0:44am View
You used PHP variable inside javascript. That's why in the pop-up it shows $name and $user_date. I will add the solution below, so please stay tuned for my solution.
Prava-MFS 13-Nov-14 7:30am View
Please check adding this CSS and check if your issue resolved or not. If resolved, then you can modify the CSS and can accomplish your requirement.

.navbar-header {
background-color: #088A85;

.logout a {
text-decoration: none;
float: right;
margin: 5px 10px;

#sidebar-left {
background-color: #088A85;
float: left;
width: 150px;
height: 700px;

#content {
background-color: #BDBDBD;
height: 700px;
padding-left: 20px;
padding-right: 20px;
overflow-x: hidden;

.dropdown-pages, .dropdown-pages a , .sub-menu-pages a, .dropdown-media a {
text-decoration: none;
padding-top: 20px;
font-size: 20;

.sub-menu-pages, .sub-menu-media {
display: none;
width: 100px;

#menu a, .dropdown-pages, .dropdown-media {
text-decoration: none;
padding-left: 10px;
padding-top: 20px;
font-size: 20;
width: 140px;
float: left;
overflow: hidden;

.test {
overflow: auto;
Prava-MFS 13-Nov-14 4:40am View
For me, it is giving all the right data, the one I am selecting. No issues at all for me. Please check once again and print the data like print_r($aminitiesData); exit; in your PHP file.
Prava-MFS 13-Nov-14 4:15am View
You can add some style attribute to fix this issue. Try adding 'width: 100%;' or 'width: auto;' and 'height: auto;'. If it won't fix your issue, please add the whole code, so that I can help you :).
Prava-MFS 8-Nov-14 11:20am View
Hello, you want back-end (server side (PHP)) help or front-end (client side (jQuery)) help?
Prava-MFS 8-Nov-14 3:51am View
Yes, I just gave an example. I added 'test.php' in the action and same name I have the PHP file, where I wrote the code to get the postdata. You can give your file name in the form action.
Prava-MFS 8-Nov-14 1:30am View
This could also be done in the above way. I am adding the new answer below :).
Prava-MFS 8-Nov-14 0:37am View
Thanks and you too :)
Prava-MFS 8-Nov-14 0:33am View
Okay :). Though I haven't got any chance to work on like this, still, I think this will help you.
Prava-MFS 8-Nov-14 0:23am View
ohh so sorry for my words :). I thought its not working because of ID and class selector.

Regarding, changing textbox to rich textbox, do you need in C# or related to .NET? If yes, then I am really sorry, for not able to help you :) as I am an open source developer. But I will try to find some link, which will help you and if I will find, I will definitely post it here :).
Prava-MFS 8-Nov-14 0:15am View
Hello Janardhanam, regarding the question for jQuery load method, yes it would also work :). The code could be like below :).


I guess, your code is not working because of '#test'. As 'test' is a class, you need to write 'jQuery('.test').load('load.php')' inside the click method. :)
Prava-MFS 8-Nov-14 0:06am View
Yes sure :). Glad that it helped you :).

You wanted the PHP page should be displayed on click of 'sidebar-left' menu click.

That's what I did :). I bind one click event for 'sidebar-left' div and before to that unbinding the click, if any. For example - first time, we bind the click event to 'sidebar-left' div, and second time, when we click on 'sidebar-left' div, the click event should work only once. So, for making this, I am unbinding the click event, and binding the click event again, to stop multiple click propagation :).
Prava-MFS 7-Nov-14 1:25am View
Check, if this can help you.
Prava-MFS 6-Nov-14 0:47am View
Please add the code, you tried so far to get a clear idea, what you are asking.
Prava-MFS 3-Nov-14 4:45am View
Please mention what issue you are facing? It might be you are not able to see the div after the AJAX call or it might be the div is coming and going away in a few. If that is the case, then check with setting some timeout, while showing the div.

setTimeout(function() {
document.getElementById('hidden').style.display = "block";
}, 500);
Prava-MFS 28-Oct-14 6:12am View
Hello, do you want like, when you will provide your address, it should visible the location in google map? Is this your concern?
Prava-MFS 20-Oct-14 8:51am View
Have you tried anything till now? If yes, please provide the code snippet.