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iamvinod34 5-Jul-17 6:23am View    
can you give me idea about interact SQL server using workflow and real time example. actually i know server side table like System.Activities.DurableInstancing.instanceTable.but i do't know how to mapping?
iamvinod34 16-Feb-16 6:21am View    
images slider show
iamvinod34 15-Feb-16 20:52pm View    
sorry .iam using database .sdf file
how? plz sorry
iamvinod34 24-Jan-16 22:20pm View    
this datepart() function separate separate will shown only date or month
but i want date and year display one column only..? how?
iamvinod34 23-Jan-16 21:48pm View    
plz read solition 2...
dave krekowiak do not access without install sql server answer told...
you no need to intall sql server answer told ....
which is correct?