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sai sruthi 25-Feb-19 1:48am View    
I haven't tried that way because I cannot uninstall the software that already exists in my laptop which i use for official work
sai sruthi 22-Feb-19 1:37am View    
The problem is not saving the text, I want to save the whole layout not just the text. hope you getting the point, say for example, In any Presentation App, where there will be slides with different layout,so when we save or open a .ppt file it opens with the slide layout not not just the text.
sai sruthi 22-Feb-19 1:34am View    
Hi Rick, thanks for the quick reply, Spire.Presentation worked for WPF also but even though it is not opening the MS powerpoint, it opens the kingssoft Presentation which is installed in my system. But what I want is to create and run a slideshow within my WPF application with no dependency on any presentation app.
sai sruthi 21-Sep-18 5:48am View    
thanks for the help, as u said the dependency resolver helped,
actionContext.Request.GetDependencyScope().GetService(typeof(UserService)) as UserService
sai sruthi 25-Oct-16 3:36am View    
Ya i accept but can u please tell me whether the transaction log entries are dependent on connection session?