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Comments by Dennis Baberich (Top 9 by date)

Dennis Baberich 10-Oct-15 21:42pm View
I'd like to know this too. Did you figure it out?
Dennis Baberich 7-Apr-15 8:01am View
That would defeat the whole purpose and leave you with a sloppy solution... Just provide the hash for the encryption to verify the value.
Dennis Baberich 4-Apr-15 13:08pm View
Perfect. I did not have the file but had no hassle adding it myself. Thank you very much.
Dennis Baberich 4-Apr-15 12:41pm View
No he won't get the same value. The encryption method is creating a random salt. Therefore the result will always be different.
Dennis Baberich 4-Apr-15 12:39pm View
Doing something on shutdown is not a possible option. I want to make sure that if the server crashes ( just as an example ) everything will run well on next startup. Therefore I need to clean the tables on startup.
Dennis Baberich 12-Jan-15 9:25am View
Uh.. You are clearly not echoing $message...
Your clientcode does not know what your server is doing unless it's telling him what he's doing. Therefore, your php needs to output something for your client.
Dennis Baberich 12-Jan-15 8:17am View
Pure javascript or jquery? Also, different elements should not have the same id.
Dennis Baberich 12-Jan-15 8:16am View
Do a console.log(data) in your success function and check what's in there, the problem is quite obvious. I am sure you'll figure it out Wink | ;-)
Dennis Baberich 12-Jan-15 7:55am View
Here's your solution, completely in js.

Enjoy :-)