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GKP1992 13-Jul-22 7:21am View    
If current date is bigger than final date then difference is negative otherwise positive? Is that what you require?
GKP1992 8-Jul-22 0:43am View    
Have you tried googling your issue? There are some search results which could prove useful to you.
GKP1992 19-Dec-19 3:55am View     CRLF
Quote:an anybody give reason and solution in simple form. No. Most probably you're missing a using directly.. something like System.Collections, but I'm not really sure.
GKP1992 27-Nov-19 23:28pm View    
Stop using it like that?
GKP1992 1-Nov-19 4:53am View     CRLF
I like how you gave them the solution but still left some things for them to figure out. +5