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Comments by Osama Abu Sitta (Top 5 by date)

Osama Abu Sitta 11-May-15 7:32am View
Thanks a lot
Osama Abu Sitta 11-May-15 7:11am View
Thank, I just ask if I can use (WITH NOCHECK NOCHECK) in any query in add FOREIGN KEY
Osama Abu Sitta 11-May-15 7:04am View
Can I use the below query :

ALTER TABLE [Sales].[SalesOrderDetailTemp]
ADD CONSTRAINT [FK_SalesOrderDetailTemp_SalesOrderHeader_SalesOrderID] FOREIGN KEY([SalesOrderID])
REFERENCES [Sales].[SalesOrderHeader] ([SalesOrderID])
Osama Abu Sitta 27-Oct-14 1:39am View
I have defined _AreyousureLeaving in a global scope
the error occur at the confirm message just in chrome
Osama Abu Sitta 27-Oct-14 1:27am View
I know this code working but I want to create confirm message with ok /cancel and
If the user press Cancel he will stay on page and if OK I want to do function before leaving the page
Thanks !