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k5054 3 days ago View     CRLF
"It doesn't work at all". Does it crash? Are there assembly errors? Does it produce the wrong output? Does it hang? Does it never stop? Please be more specific about what "doesn't work at all" means.
k5054 13-Sep-22 16:52pm View    
This is a fairly straight forward problem, with a fairly clear description of what you need to do. Where are you having problems? What don't you understand?
k5054 6-Sep-22 13:09pm View     CRLF
I seem to have missed the trailing semicolon in the line: for(j = 0; ...);. You also have a stray space at the end of the "is all good\n "; line, which may not be what you want. Now would be a good time to get acquainted with the Debugger... It may have helped you narrow down this issue, right away...
k5054 10-Aug-22 10:57am View    
You'll have to discuss the particulars with someone who knows, most likely a lawyer that is familiar with the legal requirements of your country.
k5054 31-Jul-22 16:10pm View    
Just bracket the lefthand side of the trinary op e.g.
int sz = (m_buffer_size - m_buffer_index) < size ? m_buffer_size - m_buffer_index : size