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fd9750 13-Nov-20 9:29am View    
I have tried innumerable variants on that but it never succeeded.
In the mean time I have found a way to do it with a python script.
fd9750 28-Nov-19 9:23am View    
Yes, that would do the trick. I have done some testing and once InitializeComponent has executed the code actually ends up in the Form_VisibleChanged() function where I could add some code to correct any goofs caused by the designer.
It is a bit silly though to have to cure things like that. For the designer to be really functional it should support reassigning the Control.Collection it selected.
fd9750 18-Dec-12 12:42pm View    
Hi Espen,
Thanks for the info. I'll check it out tomorrow.
fd9750 18-Dec-12 12:39pm View    
Hi nv3,
I was beginning to suspect that was the case. In the mean time I have successfully used GetWindowRect to get the size.
Thanks for the info.
fd9750 18-Dec-12 10:55am View    
Fair enough but why does the "LineTo" work then and what is the alternative ?

Oh yes, I have found out it only works once. if you trigger WM_PAINT for the dialog using Invalidate() or SendMessage(WM_PAINT) nothing happens any more except for erasing the drawing when using invalidate.

I am really new to this and I am getting more and more confused.