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Rizwan Gazi 10-May-15 9:04am View
Dear @CHill60, your solution was correct. But the problem was that I was checking the solution with only few rows. I understood that the above solution will work only if you have multiple rows, which can be scrolled down. Thanks all for considering the question and for efforts taken for reply.
Rizwan Gazi 7-May-15 5:11am View
SelectionMode=FullRowSelect, Multiselect=false,, reaodonly=true, AllowUsersToAddRows=false like this etc.
Rizwan Gazi 7-May-15 4:45am View
Yes, some minor property changes only.
Rizwan Gazi 7-May-15 4:36am View
Yes. Its being.
Rizwan Gazi 7-May-15 4:26am View
Dear CHill60, I understood that you posted the solution in c#, I used your code according to style. But the selected row index is not being assigned to FirstDisplayedScrollingRowIndex.
Rizwan Gazi 7-May-15 2:56am View
In my Datagridview, there are many rows. So, instead of scrolling down to the selected row associated to the current record, I want to show it at first position.
Rizwan Gazi 7-May-15 2:32am View
Dear @CHill60, your solution is not working. Anything remaining?
Rizwan Gazi 23-Mar-15 4:27am View
I am displaying Dates in two DTPs like dd/MMM/yyyy
Rizwan Gazi 2-Feb-15 11:20am View
Means even for a small change e.g. resizing a control, I will have to rebuild the project for the changes to be reflected. Only build doesn't work.
Rizwan Gazi 30-Jun-14 2:24am View
Yes. So am I suppose to create table dynamically as I am unaware of no. of students in a division?
Rizwan Gazi 30-Jun-14 2:18am View
Student Names English Algebra Geometry Option

ABC Text box Text box Text box ADD Button

LMN Text box Text box Text box ADD Button

XYZ Text box Text box Text box ADD Button

Student Names are coming from one table in first column and in succeeding columns, only subject names will be shown. User will enter marks for subject and click on ADD Button to enter marks of the student. But the problem is that as subject names will not have data to show in grid view, how can I do this? This is the scenario.
Rizwan Gazi 30-Jun-14 1:18am View
The scenario is that Student Names are coming from one table and from another table only subject names are coming, whose marks will be entered later. But the problem is that as there will not be data for subject names, I will put Text boxes to enter marks of respective student. So how can I achieve it?
Rizwan Gazi 28-Jun-14 2:48am View
Dear @Nayan, I have not written code for that. I am not getting where to start from. If you have understood the scenario, then please suggest something, else please ask for more clarification.
Rizwan Gazi 25-Jun-14 3:57am View
Thanks for considering my question and for your efforts.
Rizwan Gazi 25-Jun-14 3:09am View
Your code worked. But SQL Exception, its not showing dear.
Rizwan Gazi 25-Jun-14 2:38am View
Dear @Prasad, ex.Message I have tried. But it doesn't work.
Rizwan Gazi 25-Jun-14 2:38am View
Nothing to add.
Rizwan Gazi 8-May-14 8:10am View
Thank you so much dear. Your solution worked perfect. I Searched many answers for this, but none suggested me of RowCommand event. I am very thankful of you to bring me out of the situation. Once again many thanks dear @Jagbir Saini for answering the question.
Rizwan Gazi 12-Apr-14 3:00am View
Rizwan Gazi 12-Apr-14 2:20am View
But dear, I think the solution you provided, will definitely help me.
Rizwan Gazi 12-Apr-14 2:10am View
But dear Jas, if suppose I have 100 tables, then am I suppose to write if else 100 times? Can't it be done in a single insert query?