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Comments by Jon Joeney (Top 4 by date)

Jon Joeney 17-Feb-14 7:23am View    
Sorry Vedat, I'm pretty new to this forum and programming and I didn't see the Comment option. Thank you
Jon Joeney 6-Feb-14 4:20am View    
The XML Schema is defined by a third party company. I can't go changing it willy nilly and still expect vendor support
Jon Joeney 5-Feb-14 13:04pm View     CRLF
The code I want I have found here, it looks very simple, and it works
Jon Joeney 5-Feb-14 13:03pm View    
Well I am serialising the XML for use by another application that defines the structure using an XML Schema that I cannot change. I want to add the time generated and other stuff into the XML in comments and so that is still schema valid but have a handle on when the file was created.