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David Days 1-Mar-14 15:49pm View    
Glad to help. Stop by any time.
David Days 28-Feb-14 10:21am View    
I changed the solution to put the definition in the markup. This should work for you.
David Days 26-Feb-14 16:23pm View    
Just guessing, but I'm betting that it's the "http://" address, as in "http://localhost/VinNowDataServiceLite/VinNowDataSvc.svc". wsHttpBinding looks for an SSL address by default, I believe.

You can get around this by changing your binding to <security mode="None"> at the security level.

The reason that it works for the Windows authentication is that Windows auth goes to an encrypted channel by default--so the negotiation is secured and the host doesn't complain. With a web service, the equivalent is an "https" address by default, which is not what you have.

I've had this problem many time, and it continues to bite me if I'm not paying attention--I'm just faster to fix it nowadays.
David Days 25-Feb-14 12:53pm View    
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Good way to translate difficult data
David Days 21-Feb-14 12:42pm View    
I'm glad to have helped you get in the right direction.

Running the same servlet multiple times on Tomcat is a normal capability--different contexts (URL paths) means they get treated as independent apps for the most part. I'm not sure why SSL becomes an issue, though; it's either a driver-dependent limitation (possible, but would seem to be a strange way to set it up) or it has to do with how SSL kind of strips away all pretension and forces both sides to talk with distinct machine names (as in, you can't do an alias for "" to "" and have the SSL cert continue to be valid)...

In my limited experience with other drivers over SSL, it's not usually a problem--but it's always been one app trying to get to one database, not two instances of the same app.

I'll do some checking around to see if anything pops up--I've had other SSL issues that trip me up when everything else is working correctly, and this one sounds familiar.

Glad it got resolved; hopefully this whole conversation will help someone else that runs into the same thing.

Good luck, and don't hesitate if you have any other issues.