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Comments by sunshine@work. (Top 7 by date)

sunshine@work. 8-Dec-15 13:05pm View    
Most people acessing code project are so so rude.
:( .

I come here for some sort of solution but never gets the right answer. If someone thinks my question is not valid ,still people can reply politely man...

This place is just for geeks and theoretical guys ...
sunshine@work. 8-Dec-15 13:01pm View    
I know just thought as lot of experts use code project.At least one could guide a little.

But every time I ask a question in codeproject , only get a disappointment here.Either some replies rudely, some one says google it. No body focuses on question.
sunshine@work. 30-Jun-15 12:04pm View    
Haha ..
Thnx for valuable sugestion.
sunshine@work. 30-Jun-15 11:05am View    
Am not asking for any volunteers who can debug on my behalf.I know I have to do it.I just wanted to know about BEGIN TRANSACTION and COMMIT .
sunshine@work. 29-Jun-15 23:54pm View    
Apparently code project does not seem to be useful , I guess for my problem