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Comments by Irvan Munadi (Top 4 by date)

Irvan Munadi 26-Aug-14 5:39am View    
well, i need advise or sample code to achieve this.
Irvan Munadi 7-Aug-14 3:26am View    
hi Rob, thank you for information, do you have any link for me to start?
Irvan Munadi 19-Dec-13 5:39am View    
My point is i have to store the obj2 type and convert some object to that type
this same as

Type parentType = this.Parent.GetType();

and also generate same error
Irvan Munadi 19-Dec-13 5:34am View    
It's only work if the parent of usercontrol is StackPanel.
i want it to be dynamic, without hardcode the entire Object that could have children.