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Comments by codeprojectddx (Top 26 by date)

codeprojectddx 7-May-18 4:27am View    
I have install linux and use it native .but for some reasons , I still want to use windows and bochs to debug . Bochs is useful and convenient to debug in windows .
codeprojectddx 6-May-18 23:33pm View    
I am wandering elf enulator's work .Is it helpful to link and get an elf execute file ?
I am going to try the second approach
codeprojectddx 6-May-18 23:31pm View    
I am writing an os .so the underlying progras does not exist. How to emulates linux at the command level
codeprojectddx 6-May-18 10:49am View    
when you use treeView1.Nodes ,you are getting those root notes .In fact the second level and below notes are not in the treeView1.Nodes.
codeprojectddx 28-Apr-18 19:34pm View    
But I have not make a breakpoint when the os is running .