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Comments by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan (Top 200 by date)

Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 21-Sep-22 17:10pm View    
What is the error? We cannot help without knowing what's wrong.
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 21-Sep-22 9:50am View     CRLF
You're right in what you're doing (and thinking). If I had to do this, I would use the computed columns to provide the parsed values each time I am requesting the data; but the data is physically stored in a single column as string. See here:
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 11-Sep-22 19:50pm View     CRLF
That's not possible. Can you show a demonstration of where it happens? It can only happen, when Firebase database is executing the code multiple times, and once the if block executes and second time, else block gets the turn.
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 10-Sep-22 10:42am View    
Try Google.
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 1-Sep-22 17:18pm View     CRLF
First of all, that is not JavaScript, that is a Java code for Android platform. Secondly, what exactly do you mean by "extension"? In Android, you either have apps, services, widgets, etc. but I have not heard of an extension in Android. Can you explain where you want to use this code?