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King Fisher 31-Jul-19 3:21am View
Hi Maciej,
yeah, didn't get chance actually.
I'm good, thanks.
King Fisher 11-Jul-19 8:31am View
Hi Maciej,
how are you ? Thanks for the reply, I see the autovacuumis on in db. Its not about only shrink database. If I remove the old data, my production db will have only 2 years data, which is less, so there will be a improvement in the system performance.
King Fisher 17-Jan-19 5:57am View
Thanks, Its resolved long back
King Fisher 30-Sep-17 3:27am View
generate new token, and try with that.
King Fisher 7-Aug-17 7:24am View
Its a nice one.
King Fisher 24-Jul-17 13:36pm View
Thanks, will check this
King Fisher 10-Mar-17 2:59am View
that's y its was written like this,
King Fisher 10-Mar-17 2:58am View
thank you , but this column was created as varchar , I cant able to use this condition AND n.vhcdate >= CURRENT_DATE AND n.vhcdate < CURRENT_DATE + INTERVAL '1 day', It shows "operator does not exist: character varying = date"
King Fisher 27-Jan-17 5:11am View
SELECT LEFT('10.4/34',(CHARINDEX('/', '10.4/34')-1));
King Fisher 27-Jan-17 3:49am View
Just try once , use charindex to find the index of '/' character,
So you will get the index , Right?
Then use LEFT to split the value (0,index position which you got from charindex function)
King Fisher 4-Jan-17 7:03am View
but every connection request will be loop and run as separate instance right ? If I didn't stop the loop, It will never end and instance will increase as a huge right ?
King Fisher 4-Jan-17 6:41am View
but we got performance issue on server and we suddenly reverted the code from live server.
King Fisher 4-Jan-17 6:15am View
pls Check the updates on "What I have tried:" section

Due that loop I got an performance issue on the server, So suddenly we reverted the codes back. And the thing which you are suggesting is also similar right ?
King Fisher 4-Jan-17 6:04am View
How to create timer per connection ?
King Fisher 4-Jan-17 5:52am View
Whenever user connects, PushNotificationData method will be invoked by the clients with some parameters, based on the parameters I need to broadcast the data to the respective clients.
King Fisher 23-Dec-16 2:03am View
So whats your problem?
King Fisher 23-Dec-16 1:57am View
Can u make your thread sleep 2/3 seconds.
King Fisher 20-Dec-16 0:13am View
I just included the reference , thanks :) can you pls look into this?
new question
King Fisher 19-Dec-16 14:00pm View
King Fisher 19-Dec-16 13:57pm View
thanks, I just passed the userId as parameter
King Fisher 5-Dec-16 1:29am View
King Fisher 2-Dec-16 6:23am View
Set breakpoint at while (obj.dr.Read()) , check whether you are getting data or not.
King Fisher 2-Dec-16 6:17am View
pls put break point and debug it.
King Fisher 2-Dec-16 6:15am View
no need, because you are storing the image in table direclty
King Fisher 2-Dec-16 4:56am View
Its not only they have implemented it already, few application has to be done in specifically windows application, for eg : Serial port communication,communicating with PLC controller,etc. I said comparatively its less.
King Fisher 2-Dec-16 4:36am View
On basis of more opportunity. Nowadays mostly people are migrating their windows application to web based application/ android application.
King Fisher 2-Dec-16 4:22am View
why did you removed your old question, you should add the second question below your 1st question. its seams we answered irrelevant to your question right now.
King Fisher 2-Dec-16 4:22am View
why did you removed your old question, you should add the second question below your 1st question. its seams we answered irrelevant to your question right now.
King Fisher 2-Dec-16 3:11am View
I don't see any PageIndexChanging methods/functions for gridview in your source code.
King Fisher 2-Dec-16 3:04am View
I prefer web based applications/android development.
King Fisher 2-Dec-16 3:01am View
It doesn't like localhost or IIS. the method will trigger when you fire. make sure the functions are available in your local source code.
King Fisher 2-Dec-16 2:58am View
edit your question .
King Fisher 2-Dec-16 2:49am View
what you have tried /
King Fisher 2-Dec-16 2:44am View
getting any exception ? refer this piece of code
King Fisher 2-Dec-16 2:40am View
getting any error?
King Fisher 2-Dec-16 2:35am View
good, imagine you are leaving new delphi job after a couple of years, where you go ? if you have less openings only in outside. the company giving this much hike to lure you.get strong in, people are ready to pay more than what you are expecting. :)
King Fisher 1-Dec-16 8:18am View
use between operator:
select * from gatepassdetails where expiry between 'today' and 'endDate'
King Fisher 1-Dec-16 7:23am View
then,why did you accepted this as solution ?
King Fisher 1-Dec-16 4:47am View
you mean each layer will be hosted in separate system? what do you mean system :)
King Fisher 1-Dec-16 4:28am View
you can't you read the text from authorityName itself?
King Fisher 1-Dec-16 4:23am View
you got solution?
King Fisher 30-Sep-16 11:51am View
I have tried the both , but i m looking for the difference.
King Fisher 1-Aug-16 7:52am View
oi shobi,how are you :)
King Fisher 1-Aug-16 7:26am View
what you have tried? you want to read data from text file?
King Fisher 1-Aug-16 6:55am View
Welcome :)
King Fisher 1-Aug-16 6:09am View
try like this,
select *From (SELECT City FROM Customers) as a, (SELECT City FROM Customers)as b
King Fisher 21-Jul-16 5:07am View
without seeing the code, we cant Identity what you have done.
King Fisher 27-Jun-16 7:40am View
whats the problem which you are facing?
King Fisher 23-May-16 8:04am View
I suggest you,give some static name for those text which are with in double quotes , In your method replace the STATIC NAME with your data.
King Fisher 23-May-16 0:07am View
you got it ?
King Fisher 12-May-16 7:38am View
i removed the lock statement.but still the exception is there. Any idea?
King Fisher 10-May-16 8:15am View
prn file ?
King Fisher 10-May-16 4:39am View
its taking maximum 10 milliseconds only.
King Fisher 10-May-16 4:23am View
Sorry,I didnt mention that. Yes,I have a lock in few methods which are accessed by the timer event.
King Fisher 10-May-16 1:47am View
but the maximum time taken to complete one cycle is 104 milliseconds,it is not more than that.
King Fisher 9-May-16 4:51am View
thank you. yes, It is . the exception says "the column name doesn't belongs to that table". some how dtStationCode having some values ,but it is not null. i didn't use that object anywhere outside the method, then how it can hold some other values? even though if the same thread access the method ,it should have the values which should match the column name.
King Fisher 9-May-16 2:30am View
Actually ,I would like to know why it is behaving like this. even though i have lock statement on every methods.
King Fisher 9-May-16 2:06am View
thanks,Let me check this.
King Fisher 9-May-16 2:02am View
GetJigStatus method will invoke 3 methods, GetStationCode is the one of the method.
King Fisher 7-May-16 5:02am View
but I cant increase the time interval. Is there any other way to track it. ?
King Fisher 25-Mar-16 6:20am View
but it is showing the available free space is 6 GB ,after i truncate some large table data. then why shrinking is not happening? :)
King Fisher 20-Mar-16 3:48am View
I cant create SQL Job/windows service.
King Fisher 19-Mar-16 1:36am View
Just copy the str value while debugging and try to run in SQL server,then match with create table syntax.
King Fisher 13-Mar-16 11:42am View
thanks,my buffer size was 10, its fine after i change the buffer size as 1.
King Fisher 1-Mar-16 4:07am View
whether the cost should be less or more?

I have seen sometimes its on 100%,sometimes less than 100%.
King Fisher 29-Feb-16 6:01am View
As Im thinking ,Which is taking less time to execute is good performance.
King Fisher 29-Feb-16 0:39am View
I want to find which performance is good,which i can use ?
King Fisher 28-Jan-16 2:43am View
sorry,i have already tried this.
King Fisher 23-Dec-15 5:29am View
I agree,bu I have configured in COnfiguration File. so Im getting this "\\r\\n" instead of "\r\n".
King Fisher 23-Dec-15 5:08am View
string str="\r\n";
string test = "This is a test string.\r\n";
int index = test.IndexOf(str);

test now
King Fisher 23-Dec-15 4:56am View
Sorry, Please assign the "\r\n" in any variable ,then pass the variable.
King Fisher 23-Nov-15 4:35am View
I'm very good,thank you :)
King Fisher 14-Nov-15 7:11am View
my 5 .,
hi maciej ,
how ru?
King Fisher 10-Sep-15 9:08am View
I have to store all the data in list which i want to store, then i have to call the method with the collection list.
King Fisher 10-Sep-15 8:55am View
if i want to pass another parameter ,Is this i have to do?
DataParameters param2=New DataParameters("@NameOfParamter",System.Data.DbType.String,"Value of paramter");

but if i wanna pass 10 parameters to list, then What i have to do?
should i have to repeat it.
King Fisher 26-Aug-15 15:48pm View
but my parent form all Controls are automatically reset as empty.
King Fisher 26-Aug-15 13:50pm View
thanks,this what i have tried,yes it is working. +5
King Fisher 19-Aug-15 5:13am View
how r u sir, :)
King Fisher 18-Aug-15 15:50pm View
King Fisher 18-Aug-15 15:48pm View
Nice one,
King Fisher 18-Aug-15 15:46pm View
There's no fixed 3 function, you can create your own data access layer according to your requirements,kindly go through 3tier architecture example programs.
King Fisher 18-Aug-15 15:42pm View
If you are not logged in then why do you want to show your picture on login screen, no logic on this.
King Fisher 18-Aug-15 15:35pm View
I don't understand your language on screeshots, kindly look for any options all pages,in that you can find your page which you want to modify,if you are spending little more time with this,u can be master of this,it's very easy tool.
King Fisher 11-Jul-15 1:07am View
what do you mean user and login?
I don't get you.
King Fisher 11-Jul-15 0:22am View
Can you show your Code?
King Fisher 10-Jul-15 1:39am View
nice ,5+
King Fisher 16-Jun-15 0:37am View
let me show wait..
King Fisher 11-Jun-15 6:17am View
well,Update your question now with what you have tried? this a way of asking question here. At least you must try something, then only you can understand . :)
King Fisher 11-Jun-15 3:53am View
Not clear .
King Fisher 11-Jun-15 3:52am View
:), where are you from?
King Fisher 11-Jun-15 3:02am View
where are you stuck?
what you have tried? show something to us.
King Fisher 11-Jun-15 3:01am View
So, whats your Input Data?
King Fisher 11-Jun-15 2:58am View
np. :)
King Fisher 11-Jun-15 2:40am View
How do you join the two table without any relationship?

try to join table1 =table2 and table1=table3.but i'm not sure about your expected Resultsets.If you share your table structure with some dummy records ,then we can try it out.
King Fisher 11-Jun-15 2:29am View
Check whether the textbox is empty or not.
What you have tried so far?
King Fisher 11-Jun-15 2:24am View
have you seen this ?
King Fisher 5-Jun-15 7:32am View
Follow this :
King Fisher 5-Jun-15 7:22am View
what do you mean good developer?
King Fisher 5-Jun-15 7:15am View
Reinstall it.
King Fisher 4-Jun-15 5:26am View
what message?
its not clear . pls elaborate your question.
King Fisher 4-Jun-15 5:23am View
like below:
@Html.RadioButtonFor(m=>m.Emp_Gender,"Male", new { style = "width:100px"})Male

and search for html helpers in google, eg:
Apply css for html helpers, apply styles for html helpers,etc.
King Fisher 4-Jun-15 5:10am View
ohh, welcome :)
King Fisher 4-Jun-15 2:43am View
what do you have? display it.
King Fisher 30-May-15 3:23am View
Hi, have you tried anything?
King Fisher 29-May-15 3:45am View
.. and one more thing is , I can't advice my seniors to do what is best, but I can guide my juniors to do , that's the reason and if i wanna guide my guys i have to learn something from you guys that's why i posted here.
King Fisher 29-May-15 3:41am View
I just followed the way what my senior staff's done and i learned its completly wrong what i have been doing in last 2 years. :(
King Fisher 29-May-15 2:24am View
Really, you helped me I didn't know the keyword to search in google.
King Fisher 29-May-15 2:08am View
Thank you so much sir :)
King Fisher 29-May-15 1:54am View
Not only the authentication ,I would like to know what are all the things should i have to focus while develop the applications.
King Fisher 29-May-15 1:30am View
It means set form authentication , storing salted passwords thats it i know, i heared these two things when i attend an interview, the interviewer asked me "Have you used Form authentication in your project?" And I said i don't , then i googled that and i learned, like my another interview, he asked me "Do you store your password as Text or store with salt key?" and I said Text , then i learned that.
King Fisher 27-May-15 7:06am View
King Fisher 27-May-15 7:01am View
you cant change array size on run, You can use Array List.
King Fisher 26-May-15 9:15am View
We cant help you with this little information .
King Fisher 26-May-15 8:21am View
Idiot, You are going to kick out from this forum, just count your self .
King Fisher 22-May-15 2:23am View
You have posted the same solution twice, please remove any one.
King Fisher 22-May-15 2:18am View
show the errors.
King Fisher 22-May-15 0:42am View
just post What you have tried?
King Fisher 21-May-15 8:40am View
not clear question.
King Fisher 18-May-15 2:44am View
Is the question about Winforms or web forms?
I'm think of it :) lol
King Fisher 18-May-15 2:42am View
Post your question with proper title and Tags. :)
King Fisher 18-May-15 2:41am View
Sorry for that, I Removed that, he is a newbie :)
King Fisher 18-May-15 2:00am View
Check whether you have value on combo box.
King Fisher 18-May-15 1:59am View
if you can't ,show us what the exact values you holding on SerialNo
King Fisher 18-May-15 1:26am View
Error Line?
King Fisher 18-May-15 0:29am View
That's good , yea you right . :)
King Fisher 16-May-15 3:50am View
Show off your code.
King Fisher 16-May-15 3:49am View
There is no use of reposting , pls remove your duplicate post and be patient for the answer :)
King Fisher 16-May-15 3:47am View
Can u ccept Sinisa hajval Solution :)
King Fisher 16-May-15 0:35am View
nope, dot matrix printer is different.
King Fisher 15-May-15 2:27am View
Good .
King Fisher 15-May-15 2:19am View
What do you mean? Explain it clearly
King Fisher 14-May-15 8:58am View
5+, Good links
King Fisher 14-May-15 8:55am View
Sorry, I didn't see the original Post Time I thought it's a new thread :)
King Fisher 13-May-15 8:58am View
Re-design your Table?
King Fisher 13-May-15 8:12am View
The question was solved at Stackoverflow
King Fisher 13-May-15 8:11am View
Thanks Asif,
King Fisher 13-May-15 7:06am View
show some sample records for easy help.
King Fisher 13-May-15 5:08am View
King Fisher 13-May-15 5:05am View
King Fisher 13-May-15 3:49am View
DWH ? you mean data warehousing?
King Fisher 13-May-15 3:45am View
Did you read this:
Click me
Pls read the 4 th one
King Fisher 13-May-15 3:44am View
I hope you are a newbie,Welcome to CP
King Fisher 13-May-15 3:34am View
Please read this:
don't use cursor
King Fisher 13-May-15 3:33am View
Nope ,I didn't mean this query I meant the entire system.
King Fisher 13-May-15 3:25am View
i hope you solved this, so please accept solution here.
King Fisher 13-May-15 3:22am View
..and please do not guide people to use CURSOR to avoid performance issue. :)
King Fisher 13-May-15 3:21am View
What version of Sql server do u have on you machine?
King Fisher 13-May-15 3:05am View
Post your table Script with some dummy records to understand what are you trying to do,that may be better to understand .
King Fisher 13-May-15 2:32am View
Good one 5+.
King Fisher 13-May-15 2:27am View
Really? how r u man.
King Fisher 13-May-15 2:24am View
not clear.
King Fisher 13-May-15 2:10am View
King Fisher 13-May-15 2:00am View
He mentioned that on MVC :)
King Fisher 13-May-15 1:55am View
King Fisher 13-May-15 1:39am View
I agree. :)
King Fisher 13-May-15 1:29am View
What you have tried so far?
King Fisher 13-May-15 1:26am View
he meant without database, so probably we can create datatable and set to Grid, Is there any other way to do this?
King Fisher 13-May-15 1:08am View
Im not the OP Sir :)
King Fisher 13-May-15 0:53am View
Create a DataTable at dynamically and bind with the Gridview.
King Fisher 13-May-15 0:51am View
How did you got the Data's in Gridview?
King Fisher 12-May-15 3:31am View
dig it line by line , you can solve it.
King Fisher 12-May-15 3:04am View
Dude,where are you from ?
King Fisher 12-May-15 2:56am View
5. ;)
King Fisher 12-May-15 2:20am View
Definitely, the OP will understand sir. its more clear 5+
King Fisher 12-May-15 2:17am View
nice maciej master :) ma 5.
King Fisher 12-May-15 1:59am View
what is the logic? it not clear to understand the logic, update your question pls.
King Fisher 12-May-15 1:20am View
Try to change database user's passwords by going to the Users tab and use the new one.
King Fisher 11-May-15 8:34am View
Remove the Order by Clause,place it outside the query
King Fisher 11-May-15 6:39am View
Google for visual basic tutorials , find Resources, learn it,practice Simple programs.
King Fisher 11-May-15 3:11am View
Use Comment widget for your queries, you have posted it on solution Section.
King Fisher 11-May-15 2:26am View
It depends on programmers ability :)
King Fisher 11-May-15 1:57am View
i didn't mean that, access specifier comes under these two concepts.
King Fisher 11-May-15 1:24am View
you have any idea?
King Fisher 9-May-15 9:32am View
Then Tag your question on Php , not picture or resize,
King Fisher 9-May-15 9:27am View
It means Php ? java?
King Fisher 9-May-15 9:22am View
What technology are you using?
King Fisher 9-May-15 9:19am View
Tag your Question Properly,Better you could start a new thread with proper way, because this question is again marked as abuse.
King Fisher 9-May-15 9:19am View
All right, we have no intention to kick your question out.
King Fisher 9-May-15 9:17am View
be patient
King Fisher 9-May-15 9:15am View
Remove your porn site information,
King Fisher 9-May-15 9:14am View
Cool!! Remove those link and Just Post a Proper Question , if not, would be close again
King Fisher 9-May-15 5:29am View
what do u mean "its show in character wise not in word wise"?
King Fisher 9-May-15 5:28am View
Refer this,

King Fisher 9-May-15 4:00am View
Not Clear .
King Fisher 29-Apr-15 9:06am View
What do you mean convert into to String?
You want to convert numbers into words?
King Fisher 29-Apr-15 0:34am View
Search for Linq query or post a new question .
King Fisher 24-Apr-15 1:01am View
not a question.
King Fisher 22-Apr-15 5:39am View
King Fisher 22-Apr-15 4:18am View
i don't know which method should use.
King Fisher 21-Apr-15 2:31am View
What kind of help do you want?
King Fisher 21-Apr-15 2:30am View
So you wanna Code or what?
King Fisher 21-Apr-15 2:11am View
Have you started?
King Fisher 21-Apr-15 2:11am View
How can we help?
you have any doubt ?
whats your question?
King Fisher 20-Apr-15 7:32am View
Solution Updated .
King Fisher 20-Apr-15 7:30am View
Any Date?
King Fisher 17-Apr-15 7:01am View
Write a select query to get the results from Table and show that using Gridview .
King Fisher 17-Apr-15 1:36am View
So did you checked that your Content Placeholder inside the form tag .
King Fisher 17-Apr-15 0:22am View
Mac it solved ,idk how it works now but its working well . I didn't changed anything :)
King Fisher 16-Apr-15 9:01am View
Is this about folder permission issue?