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Rahul VB 7-Feb-21 4:06am View
Hello OG,

Thanks for the answer, i was just playing arround with some stuff, so thought of asking.

Rahul VB 4-Oct-19 17:27pm View
Hello Sir,

Thanks for the solution. So does this mean that using fputc will not increment stdout?

Rahul VB 4-Oct-19 17:26pm View
Hello Sir,

I would request you to let me know which code or possible fix can be used to justify that the bug can be ignored.Because we also need to write a unit test to prove that what ever is our analysis is correct.

After referencing to multiple sites , i see that using any function like putc and writing to stdout should solve the problem.

Is my understanding correct? Because somehow if i can prove that stdout buffer is incremented using putchar, then i can provide a fix.

Rahul VB 11-Jun-19 4:53am View
The @ statement is called decoration:
For ex:
def decorator(func):
def wrapper():
additional code...
return wrapper

def originalFunc():
print('i am the original func')

modifiedFunc = decorator(originalFunc)
- So when i call modifiedFunc it gets called with additional code inside the wrapper along with the original functionality.

Instead of doing all the above i can simply do:

def originalFunc():
print('i am the original func')

Now when i call originalFunc(), it work the way exactly i showed above.
This is a very important functionality in python. A simple function can behave as per requirement differently along with its original code depending upon requirements.
So, basically my question was on class decorators.

Rahul VB 10-Jun-19 5:18am View
Thanks for trying. But i am sure that i saw the prints twice and i copy pasted the output from the interpreter (idle). Let me try the way you did and cross check. Thanks for trying out :)
Rahul VB 9-Jun-19 15:30pm View
your question is not clear. Do you mean that you read every value from the student Id column and every value from the excel sheet containing student id column and compare them?
Rahul VB 27-Mar-19 11:11am View
:) :)
Rahul VB 27-Mar-19 11:06am View
Do you want to do something like below:
l = ['2009-08-31 23:59:35 ', 'RT @brahmresnik: Pastor v Obama: Leading national tracker of hate groups taking close look at Tempe pastor on 12 News at 5. #NOH8\n']
d = {}
>>> d[l[0]] = l[1]
>>> d
{'2009-08-31 23:59:35 ': 'RT @brahmresnik: Pastor v Obama: Leading national tracker of hate groups taking close look at Tempe pastor on 12 News at 5. #NOH8\n'}
>>> d['2009-08-31 23:59:35 ']
'RT @brahmresnik: Pastor v Obama: Leading national tracker of hate groups taking close look at Tempe pastor on 12 News at 5. #NOH8\n'
Rahul VB 27-Mar-19 10:58am View
Can you please elaborate? Do you mean, that you have a dictionary and you multiply the values extracted from those keys with another set of values?
Rahul VB 27-Mar-19 10:35am View
Great, will try that too. Thanks
Rahul VB 27-Mar-19 10:33am View
:) :) :) Correct
Rahul VB 27-Mar-19 10:26am View
Rahul VB 27-Mar-19 10:26am View
What do you mean by a noise captcha? Do you have text embedded in an image? Which you want to filter out? There are many libraries in python which can help you achieve it.
Rahul VB 27-Mar-19 10:16am View
Exactly correct. Agreed
Rahul VB 27-Mar-19 9:55am View
Thanks for the solution, you right. I installed Ming-w compiler for 64 bit applications. Created a c code containing the dll export attribute indicating the compiler that the application is meant to export the selected function.
I too will post a solution please feel free to review and comment on it.
Thanks again for help
Rahul VB 21-Mar-19 7:30am View
Can you please elaborate further? Do you mean the below:
1. You have a class which inherits a method from an abstract class.
2. Now, you want to call that method from a different class...

Is my understanding correct?
Rahul VB 31-Oct-16 6:05am View
I would suggest having one table containing all the information (Contact, Address, Family etc) for a single user. In fact you can have this for multiple users.
User ID | Name | Contact | Address | Email
1 ABC 123 H1 gmail

and so on. I dont understand the use of multiple tables when it can be done it one.
Try to create views based on your priority and filter data from them.

Rahul VB 30-Oct-16 10:59am View
Commonly asked question and a perfect solution.
My 5!
Rahul VB 30-Oct-16 10:54am View
I think each "Table" is having information about the user.
Ok, so as per my translation, for every single user there are multiple tables.
Lets say there are Tables :- T1, T2, T3 ..... and so on.
T1 will contain contact information, T2 address details and T3 will contain something else.
In some of the scenarios you want the contact of the user lets say from "T1". In an other scenario you want address details from "T2".
And, all of this information/Tables should be one a single page.

If this is our common understanding please update your question, so that next time no one else has to face such difficulty.

So, do you feel you have redundant tables?
If you confirm, only then can we engineer some solution.

Rahul VB 30-Oct-16 10:42am View
Again, my 5! well said.
Rahul VB 30-Oct-16 10:40am View
Correct as usual :D. My 5!
Rahul VB 30-Oct-16 10:39am View
That's a perfect 5! from my side especially for your explanation on :
public bool CheckPool()
return this.HasPool;

Well said.
Rahul VB 29-Oct-16 2:09am View
I can't comprehend your question. Do you mean that, you have used phonon franework and can't access the controls in it by using Javascript?
Rahul VB 21-Oct-16 14:39pm View
Yep, thanks
Rahul VB 21-Oct-16 14:39pm View
Ok Thanks :( So probably if i were to host a site on a server i could do such stuff.
Rahul VB 20-Oct-16 6:15am View
This is not a solution, kindly reply to the above post by clicking:
"Have a Question or Comment?" if you want to.
Rahul VB 20-Oct-16 6:08am View
Hi, refer:

One more request, please follow the norms of posting questions.
Rahul VB 20-Oct-16 5:55am View
I would request you to specify the complete scenario.
- Usage of GSM.
- Connection using serial port.

From the instance name "sp" i am guessing that you used a GSM modem connected to your PC, you had a sim card inserted in the Modem and you fire a command from your code.
I hope i am correct.

Try outs:
1) Is the AT command correct?
2) Try sending message in other language (English).
3) You may think of reducing the delay.

Point 1 is on high priority, then go for point 2, point 3 and so on.
Come back with the results.

You would also like to see:
Rahul VB 20-Oct-16 5:47am View
Nice, and thanks for sharing :
Rahul VB 20-Oct-16 5:43am View
:) hahaha i agree
Rahul VB 19-Oct-16 7:00am View
Googling the problem gave me below results:


Try the above part first, then think along the lines as to how subtitles are added for a movie. Obviously it will be different for a random video.

For the speech part:

Try some combinations from the above and see, what can be done.
Rahul VB 18-Oct-16 8:02am View
I agree with what ever has been said by the above gentlemen.

I just want to understand, why do you want to do it in C#?
The tasks for you should be:
1) Search about animated sprite.
2) Break down the information into parts which you can program.
3) Write a pseudo code first, get it reviewed.
4) Come up with the actual code.

And then if you find an issue, you can drop a message.
Rahul VB 18-Oct-16 7:50am View
I agree with what Richard has just said.
Showing the data in the list box is very simple, you assign the data source to the list box.
The challenging part is that you need to have the memory dump.
Rahul VB 29-Jan-16 9:23am View
Yes it would compile giving a warning. In C# (Managed code), you would get an error.
Rahul VB 29-Jan-16 9:09am View
Griff !!!! you have not changed :) its been a long time :) answer 5ed
Rahul VB 26-May-15 14:21pm View
Thanks for help sir, My demo was good.
Rahul VB 23-May-15 11:01am View
Thanks Sir, i will try out installshield. So i will create a package out of that and put it on other laptops and check. I have created my application. The testing team is also finished with their job. Now the main task is to run on other platforms so wish me luck. Day after tomorrow is the demo.
Rahul VB 23-May-15 8:08am View
What i mean is that i will then have to install all the packages on customers laptop and demonstrate it to him. He expects a plug and play application. He will object on this. Thats what i was worried about.

Rahul VB 23-May-15 5:02am View
Thanks sir, any suggestions for the customer demo? I mean regarding the application.
Rahul VB 20-May-15 9:56am View
Thanks a lot Sir.
Rahul VB 15-May-15 5:04am View
You can create a prototype of the result you wanted and feed to it.
Rahul VB 15-May-15 5:03am View
Yes thats much more like it.
Rahul VB 15-May-15 4:57am View
In such competitions, you run your code in such an environment, where lots of automatic tests are run on your code. So it is failing in some condition.

What all possibilities you have tried. Or which is the case where it fails? According to my observation, your code takes up a number converts it to string and then sums up all the digits in it.

Why did you convert your number to string and reconverted it back to an int for calculation? - may be thats causing the problem.
Rahul VB 28-Apr-15 8:00am View
Yes i did. But could not find a good book. However i thought that i could ask the experts. Thanks
Rahul VB 28-Apr-15 7:13am View
Thanks a lot..majorly my work is on multiple socket communication and threading. I will look into this book.
Rahul VB 27-Apr-15 7:23am View
Thanks a lot
Rahul VB 23-Jul-14 2:25am View
Good which means i am almost there
Rahul VB 8-Jul-14 5:08am View
Yes thats what i wanted to confirm. Thanks a lot, for taking out time to respond.
I was reading a book on OOPS so i came accross this doubt.

Thanks a ton,
Rahul VB 8-Jul-14 1:05am View
Perfect!!! could not go through completely yesterday...i read it again today.

Thanks a Ton,
Rahul VB 8-Jul-14 0:51am View
Hello Sir,

Ok, what you mean to say is that :
MyBase mb = new MyClassA() /// works fine because i know that MyClassA is a full version of the base class.
MyClassA mca = (MyClassA)MyBase();////this is because the base might be assigned an object of lets say MyClassB and hence i will do explicit casting so as to extract the object which i want to.

Am i correct?

Thanks a Ton,
Rahul VB 8-Jul-14 0:02am View
Rahul VB 7-Jul-14 13:53pm View
Thanks a Ton,
Nice explanation.
Rahul VB 7-Jul-14 13:53pm View
Thanks a lot,
Nice explanation
Rahul VB 7-Jul-14 10:22am View
Thanks for expalanation
Rahul VB 7-Jul-14 10:21am View
Yes Sir,

I understand, however i started reading a book and encountered a doubt hence i thought of asking.

Thanks a ton,
Rahul VB 7-Jul-14 10:20am View
Very nice explanation Sir,
Thanks a Ton,
Rahul VB 4-Jul-14 5:17am View
Yes sir. My 5
Rahul VB 3-Jul-14 8:12am View
Can we have a briefing about what you are trying to achieve? Where is the exception? etc etc etc
Rahul VB 3-Jul-14 7:57am View
Yes this is what i wanted to ask him.... thanks a ton
Rahul VB 3-Jul-14 3:06am View
You have reposted this once again. Previously also i told you that you need to put in the code snippet, which means the area of the code where the problem lies and the surrounding code.

So that we can analyze the problem to a deeper extent. Please post the code, i request you my friend.

Because we cant decipher from so much little what ever you have written. How do we know whether you have encapsulated this in a method or a constructor?

Ok, can you please tell me from where did you get the previous code. So that we can look into it. Share me the link.

- Rahul
Rahul VB 2-Jul-14 14:57pm View
Thats precisely what i wanted to ask him.
Rahul VB 2-Jul-14 14:56pm View
Please elaborate the meaning of scope. I can infer many things from what you just said:
1) declare the type outside, make it public or whatever, instantiate it within a method. This will make it accesible and it suffices what you just said.

2) Declare and instantiate outside the method(obviously in a class) and refer it by using access modifiers.

Only these 2 things make sense as per what i feel.

Now what do you feel?
Rahul VB 2-Jul-14 14:52pm View
I will say high 5 instead of my 5. Great one.
Rahul VB 2-Jul-14 14:51pm View
Very true.
Rahul VB 2-Jul-14 14:49pm View
Perfect 5+
Rahul VB 2-Jul-14 14:49pm View
Rahul VB 2-Jul-14 14:48pm View
And what have you tried? where are you stuck? We love many things but we cant convert them into reality unless we try. all you need to do is look at the below solutions and optimize the code according to your requirement. this you should have done earlier....

Best wishes,
Rahul VB 2-Jul-14 14:42pm View
Hello Sir,

Thanks a ton, Rahul
Rahul VB 2-Jul-14 8:01am View
Ok, can you just post the code where you are getting that exception? I mean to say : at least post few lines so that i can debug the problem.
Rahul VB 2-Jul-14 1:10am View
Respected Sir,

However it looked a little like Jason because once i was reading a document which statement the advantages of JASON. may be i am wrong.

Thanks a ton,
Rahul VB 2-Jul-14 1:08am View
Hello Sir,
I understand. I just wanted to make him read that documentation because i thought he would get some clue from it. Because he called "shutdown" after closing the network stream and we cant access a disposed object. This is precisely what that documentation says. That's why in the end he then interchanged the 2 statements.

I hope i was right. Please do correct me if i am wrong.

Thanks a ton,

Rahul VB 1-Jul-14 9:38am View
Perfect. My 5!!!!
I faced the same problem before this. So i looked at this and found out the answer.
Rahul VB 1-Jul-14 7:16am View
Dont thank me friend. Its you who has done it. I just backed you.

Good....its Gooood !!!!
Rahul VB 1-Jul-14 5:26am View
Ok, i understand that now i will share one link with you just read that link and then you must get some idea. Look at link below:
Rahul VB 1-Jul-14 4:57am View
Respected Sir,

How are you doing?? Remember me?

Thanks a Ton,
Rahul VB 1-Jul-14 4:18am View
Ok, now do one thing just comment the line "this.tcpClient.Close()" and if you still get an error then comment the next line also which is : ""this.tcpClient.Client.Close();

Why am i saying this? It is because when you say Close() then the instance of that object is disposed. So you wont be able to access the object.

So now you need to try out what i said and then you need to run the code again.

Please do let me know, If it does not work, then we will try out something else.

Thanks a Ton,
Rahul VB 1-Jul-14 2:51am View
Try to ping the server from the client and vice versa. Verify the port number too.

One more thing you need to be completely sure that you want to connect to or receive from a socket. So for that use socket.Accept method. Hope fully that should help.

In my last company i used to work on PLC devices. The PLC device which i was using, was configured to behaive as a client. So my application became the server. Which means i needed to accept the socket connection. But i was doing vice versa and hence it said "could not connect to the device because the machine is actively refusing it."

After finding this out, i accepted the connection from the slave device after which i was able to do other operations.

So you need to find out a few things:
1)Is the device with which you want to communicate a client/server?
2)Are you specifying the correct port number and the IP address?
3)Is firewall blocking your port?

i dont think there can be any thing else other than that. Please do try it and keep posting.

Thanks and Regards,
Rahul VB 1-Jul-14 2:47am View
Ok, first of all tell me one thing : why have you used :
"this.networkStream.Dispose();". What i mean to say is that when you dispose an object then you cant access it again because the object becomes null.

also on which line does it throw an exception? To find that out firstly remove the try catch block and then tell me. You are bypassing the bug by using try-catch, so dont do that. Let the code break into the debugger and tell me exactly.

There are many things i need to point out:
1) You must know that system.exception is the base class of all the exceptions so if you want to catch an exception and you use a generalized exception handler, that will serve the purpose. But if you want to dig deep inside then you need to use specify the exception in try catch block so as to catch that exception.

So firstly remove the try catch block and tell me that as to where are you getting the exception.

Thanks and Regards,
Rahul VB 26-Jun-14 15:55pm View
Perfect GRIFF !!!
Rahul VB 26-Jun-14 15:55pm View
Add a button in that say "sck.Disconnect(true);" which indicates that the socket can be reused again. Now again remember if you directly press the disconnect button it might say "object reference not set to an instance of an object". So you need to take care, but just check out once again.

Rahul VB 20-May-14 14:31pm View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n More examples are required and indepth explanation is required
Rahul VB 14-May-14 13:02pm View
My thanks for the solution Sir, I hope my question was not senseless. Well i dint understand how to search for it on google. Thanks again.

Thanks a Ton,
Rahul VB 11-May-14 2:50am View
:) what do you mean by smacked him a bit. thanks for helping
Rahul VB 9-May-14 4:48am View
Thanks a ton
Rahul VB 9-May-14 4:47am View
Thanks a ton
Rahul VB 9-May-14 4:38am View
Index out of range exception
Rahul VB 7-May-14 7:16am View
I dint understand why did they fight? after that Rohit Sharma hit so many sizes...
Rahul VB 7-May-14 6:06am View
Well you saw the match yesterday?
Rahul VB 7-May-14 5:55am View
i agree....
Rahul VB 7-May-14 2:59am View
If you are posting the code....then you are going to post the complete code. Where is "Label_result" control "rblfilteritem" control ? Half of the controls are missing... How do you connect to the database. Ok, now i will have to assume certain things.
By the when you click the 3rd button what result does it show?
Rahul VB 4-May-14 10:18am View
I have one question: firstly you bind the lists to 2 drop down lists, and if the results change you need to display them?
Rahul VB 4-May-14 10:15am View
I am sorry Griff i too updated the question a little bit.
Rahul VB 3-May-14 8:35am View
Me too :) So let us raise a toast to this answer!!! :)
Rahul VB 3-May-14 7:39am View
By the way Griff, i posted an article and now i am nervous i hope it is liked. Its still in review.
Rahul VB 3-May-14 7:36am View
Is king_fisher your favorite brand brother? its mine too :)
Rahul VB 3-May-14 7:35am View
How do you actually think of such things OG? :))))) and even i fall in your trap every time :)).

Rahul VB 3-May-14 7:31am View
Very nice.
Rahul VB 3-May-14 7:30am View
By the way Sir, you resemble Tymothy Olyphant from Hitman movie (dont mind, just kidding).
How do pursue both law and programming together. I think you are an OutLaw programmer :))). Again kidding. Very interesting Sir.
Rahul VB 3-May-14 7:28am View
I guess so. And yes i remember, i think we discussed Reja Vu before, dint we OG?
Rahul VB 3-May-14 7:25am View
I feel so, because every time i see, griff is always up with such kind of an answer. so at times i get confused with whether it was the same question or the same answer. :))
Rahul VB 3-May-14 7:06am View
Is this Deja Vu? :-)
Rahul VB 25-Apr-14 9:13am View
Ok so, yours is? vs 2008? or 2010?
Rahul VB 25-Apr-14 8:18am View
Ok then i need to repair the IDE(reinstall) what do you say?
Rahul VB 25-Apr-14 7:18am View
Which means you are able to find a .ashx template?
Rahul VB 25-Apr-14 5:51am View
Thanks for help
Rahul VB 25-Apr-14 5:50am View
"awful" is an understatement. The code is bad. It was just a test code. I wanted to check the elapse frequency and proper elapsed time. And yes i did take the timer inside, thanks for that. It worked. How stupid of me.
Rahul VB 25-Apr-14 2:10am View
Hey Tadit, i am not on facebook.. its been long time. Wait i will create one account
Rahul VB 24-Apr-14 14:53pm View
Ok good. Yes i do remember you were at Hyderabad(i mean i read it in a discussion :-) ). By the way Dash i am bit troubled, i cant get off this habbit of smoking, tried quitting. Cant seem to leave. I am sorry may be its a wrong forum to discuss this.
Rahul VB 24-Apr-14 14:34pm View
Hey hey, dont be formal now :). And it was you who correctly interpreted it. I just wanted to help this guy express him self.
Oh and by the way how is your health now? I guess few days back you were not well. How are you?
Rahul VB 24-Apr-14 14:24pm View
I request you to add even this part in your solution. I mean the "allow paging=true" part. Because then the answer will be full proof. I hope you dint mind. I am saying this because, this problem is faced by many developers. It should be included.

Thanks again,
Rahul VB 24-Apr-14 14:21pm View
Hey Dash,
As per your translation, i have tried to edit his question... does it seem ok?
Rahul VB 24-Apr-14 14:21pm View
My friend,
As per my understanding and as per Tadit's translation i have tried to modify your question. Is it correct?
Rahul VB 24-Apr-14 14:11pm View
Hello sir, got it, i understood my fault. I will show you the below code:

<asp:DetailsView ID="dv" runat="server">////i have not set allow paging to true
<asp:CheckBoxList ID="cbl" ToolTip="hi" runat="server">

On the button click i say something like this:
public void click(object sender, EventArgs e)

CheckBoxList cbl = (CheckBoxList)dv.BottomPagerRow.Cells[0].FindControl("cbl");

As i have not set allow paging to true, i am unable to find the control in the pager, and so it is always null.

if i set allow paging to true: the code works fine, i am also able to find the child control in the pager.

Thanks a ton,
Rahul VB 24-Apr-14 2:29am View
Hello Sir,
I used your code. But still it shows null value. I will have to work on it. However i will accept your answer. But there are few things to be done.

Firstly my doubt is, that in the event handler, i will have to type cast the child control using the properties of the parent control. But this is not working.

Or else i will have to use the specific command event args of the child control to get the proper cast, which i am unable to do.

Let me just have a look at it. Thanks for the help Sir.
Rahul VB 23-Apr-14 23:37pm View
Respected Sir,
I do understand what you are saying. If the control is nested within a parent control, we cant use Page.Findcontrol(). Because it finds only the top level or immediate controls. To dig deeper i need to use the parent control, traverse through it and then find the child. Am i correct?
Rahul VB 20-Apr-14 6:15am View
What do you want? whats your problem statement? without that how can any one even start reading the code from that point of view?
Rahul VB 20-Apr-14 6:13am View
Hello Brother,
Is it gridview or a datagrid? because gridview is an advancement of datagrid. Datagrid was present in 1.x framework and also is present in 3.5 framework for backward compatibility. So be clear brother.

I will give you the steps try to follow them: use a datasource : for example an sqldatasource, Now to your control assign the id of the datasource.

Now in the select command: say "select * from table_name where some_condition";

Try to search and implement.
Rahul VB 20-Apr-14 3:46am View
Thanks, i liked both the idea and the solution.
Rahul VB 20-Apr-14 3:44am View
Respected Sir,
I never heard about it. There is always a first time, if i would have seen it on google i would have liked it. I found it here so i liked it. My upvote was for the idea.

- Rahul
Rahul VB 20-Apr-14 1:50am View
Brother, i have updated your question. Please tell me, this is what you meant?
Rahul VB 20-Apr-14 1:48am View
I have tried to update his question and i hope i conveyed what he meant.
Rahul VB 20-Apr-14 1:40am View
I agree with Karthy... what have you tried? But i have upmarked this question because the idea is innovative. Have you ever booked a movie online?
Rahul VB 19-Apr-14 22:57pm View
My thanks sir, great stuff. Sometimes i feel that when you run many functions in a while(true), as it is every instruction is executed in may be micro seconds. So can it be possible for the debugger to not run into that instruction?

By the way very nice, thanks.
- Rahul
Rahul VB 19-Apr-14 13:55pm View
I tried it, it allows only one space. I dint understand. Now tell me where did you reflect the output? because i did response.write(textbox.txt), it only allows one space.

Do you mean that the textbox should accept only one space?
Rahul VB 19-Apr-14 13:45pm View
"select * from tproduct" shows all the records from tproduct table. But the thing is if it needs to display only one record then you need to add a condition. What is your requirement?
Rahul VB 19-Apr-14 13:35pm View
haha :) error 10 very nice. I agree with CHill60 at which line does your code break? because from your above code i cant determine which object you tried to refer , which was null.
Rahul VB 19-Apr-14 7:23am View
div condition? i dint get you. Can you please elaborate a little bit..
Rahul VB 19-Apr-14 6:15am View
Somewhat same here. Well code project is our friend what to do? relax brother.
Just listen to some music. I will speak to you in some time.

Take care,
- Rahul
Rahul VB 19-Apr-14 6:04am View
OT-Me too. Very bored. Its so hot out side. Dont feel like going out :(
Rahul VB 19-Apr-14 5:58am View
OT- By the way, where are you? i mean holiday today? :)
Rahul VB 19-Apr-14 5:55am View
hey brother, i think he has not given the complete URL.
Rahul VB 19-Apr-14 5:55am View
nice question, this could happen.
Rahul VB 19-Apr-14 5:38am View
Try giving the complete path. May be your path is not being resolved properly.
What i mean is start with the root: ~\NewUser.aspx. I dont know the architecture of your project, just try this.
Rahul VB 19-Apr-14 5:13am View
Hello brother,
I want to ask you one thing, firstly you load the combobox with some values and the datagrid is empty.
Then when you select an item in the combobox, then that value should be reflected in the datagrid.

Is this what you want?
Rahul VB 19-Apr-14 4:00am View
Hello Sir,
It worked. Thanks a ton. I request you to please post it as a solution so that i accept it as an answer.

Thanks a ton.
- Rahul
Rahul VB 18-Apr-14 15:18pm View
Ok Sir, Thanks a ton, speak to you tommorow. Its 1 am here. Take care and thanks for advising. I will just sort this out and let you know. Thanks again to help.
Rahul VB 18-Apr-14 14:53pm View
ohhh Sir, does that mean i will have check out the code from CVS, clean it and then check it in again? well lots of problems... any suggestions?
Rahul VB 18-Apr-14 13:44pm View
But is cleaning the solution not the same?
Rahul VB 18-Apr-14 13:41pm View
Good question.... something new....
Rahul VB 18-Apr-14 13:38pm View
What??? i dint understand???
Rahul VB 18-Apr-14 13:36pm View
Thanks sir,
Wish i was at the office. I am back home now. Really i feel like going back and checking in my CVS.I cant wait till tomorrow. Thanks a ton. Till then i can do some research on "obj sub-directory" as you told me.
Rahul VB 18-Apr-14 13:26pm View
ahh yes Sir, I will do the corrections right away(with the brackets). Can you please elaborate just a little bit on "obj sub-directory"? i dint understand.
Rahul VB 18-Apr-14 11:29am View
Sir,i am very sorry. Just a minute,i am updating........
Rahul VB 18-Apr-14 11:16am View
Sir, its a vast code, i mean, i can mail it, but its too vast to be posted.
Rahul VB 18-Apr-14 11:14am View
Yes sir, i definitely remember doing that. After that i did:
1>Clean Solution
2>Rebuild Solution and
3>Build Solution
Rahul VB 18-Apr-14 11:03am View
Sir, i updated my question. I apologize for posting an incomplete question. I also applied break points within that function, but that function never executes.
Rahul VB 18-Apr-14 10:57am View
I am sorry, i dint post the complete question.
Rahul VB 17-Apr-14 2:10am View
Oh i am sorry, well i just answered it. Thanks a lot, friend :)
Rahul VB 16-Apr-14 14:30pm View
Fantastic sir.
Rahul VB 16-Apr-14 14:30pm View
that is so aristocratic OG. Well said.
Rahul VB 16-Apr-14 14:26pm View
Thats my 5. Well said Sir.
Rahul VB 16-Apr-14 10:00am View
Thanks a ton brother, you read my other answers too? thats very nice of you. Please advice me, so that i improve further.
Rahul VB 16-Apr-14 8:45am View
Very nice brother, post it in the "Add your solution here" section and then accept your own answer. You will be awarded with points. Well done.
- Rahul
Rahul VB 16-Apr-14 7:50am View
My friend,
This code is in VB, do you want it in c#?
Rahul VB 16-Apr-14 6:38am View
Now listen to me:
You want to enter the characters from A-Z in the text box and then to the Drop Down list via the text box?
Rahul VB 16-Apr-14 0:04am View
Very nice Sir,
Rahul VB 15-Apr-14 0:54am View
An important question, people do get this error....
Rahul VB 15-Apr-14 0:42am View
good,thats good. Very nice Sir.
Rahul VB 14-Apr-14 8:55am View
even better +5
Rahul VB 14-Apr-14 8:54am View
Rahul VB 13-Apr-14 23:28pm View
Very nice sir, but if we spoon feed them, they wont understand the importance of knowledge.
Rahul VB 13-Apr-14 15:40pm View
Rahul VB 13-Apr-14 15:24pm View
Firstly i need to rephrase your question,
1>Your dropdown contains two options: 1>Credit 2>Debit.
2>If select credit, then a check box should appear, if i check that check box a textbox will appear. In that you enter the amount to be credited.
3>Same goes for debit. If i check the checkbox then a textbox appears, now you enter the value to be debitted.

Problem Area:
1>When you select Credit some amount shows(the last entered amount).
2>But when you select Debit no amount appears.

My doubt : 1> Do you want the debit box to show an amount or not?
2> Is it not showing any amount?
3> what have you tried? I want to see some code or some algorithm, what is your scheme to go about it?

- Rahul
Rahul VB 13-Apr-14 15:01pm View
Firstly dont call me Sir, we are friends here. The code which i wrote can be improved further, you must find out how to improve it and let me know. this is just for your homework so that you learn.

- Rahul
Rahul VB 13-Apr-14 0:55am View
Very obscure question..... Do you mean when you hover your mouse over the date time link, then the calender should show?
Rahul VB 12-Apr-14 5:20am View
Good one
Rahul VB 12-Apr-14 5:13am View
hahahahaha :) brother dont trouble him so much :)
Rahul VB 12-Apr-14 4:28am View
Ohhh very nice, thanks a ton.

Rahul VB 12-Apr-14 2:45am View
Hey Dash,
I just have one doubt: can you explain me the significance of :
!string.IsNullOrEmpty(profileimage) ?
Rahul VB 8-Apr-14 8:58am View
perfect +5
Rahul VB 7-Apr-14 23:52pm View
Hey i am sorry, my post was for OG(original griff) i was reading one of his articles.
Rahul VB 6-Apr-14 15:32pm View
Very nice Sir,
I apologize for discussing it here. I will surely look into your discussion with Maciej.
Thanks a ton for such a valuable information and please dont say thanks. I am always delighted when i speak to you.

Thanks a ton,
Rahul VB 6-Apr-14 13:52pm View
wow..... Thats true. Well i read your article. Great one. The devices on which i worked, operated on Power over ethernet. WincCe device, it takes 12v supply on ethernet. This supply was given by the server device. It had POE ports mounted, and also normal ports. Sir, i request you to elaborate more on how data is split on ethernet lines when mixed with power. Actually on the receiving end how is the data split from the power. I hope you dint mind.
Great article by the way, thumbs Up from my side.
Rahul VB 6-Apr-14 0:28am View
Give me just a moment ,I will have a look at it. Sir, just a question: How much time does it take to write an article? actually due to office i am not able to concentrate on writing an article.
Rahul VB 5-Apr-14 15:32pm View
Very nice Sir, long time dint speak. How have you been?
Rahul VB 5-Apr-14 15:30pm View
Typical OG....typical hahaha :) well, happy weekend. I read your interview... fab. my belated 5
Rahul VB 5-Apr-14 6:38am View
I have already done that. But dont mind sir, i just want to say one thing. What will happen if i mark it as answered or unanswered? Points or marks dont matter until we get to learn something new. because of you i got to learn something new. the main important thing is knowledge which matters. What will happen if you get one million points? its knowledge that matters at the end of the day.

i apologize if it hurt you. The article was really helpful. I thank you for that.
Rahul VB 5-Apr-14 6:18am View
Hello Sir,
thanks a ton. Bookmarked.
Rahul VB 4-Apr-14 8:34am View
Please look at my above solution. Will that help?
Rahul VB 4-Apr-14 4:43am View
Yes sir, I tried that and also i have done something like below:
Please take a look at my solution.
Rahul VB 28-Mar-14 0:04am View
Yes Sir, thats true, i would also like to add "Please dont use proxy server".
Thanks a ton,
Rahul VB 11-Mar-14 3:32am View
You want to send mails to a chunk of 10 people at a time, to improve performance, because while sending emails to many people at a time makes the entire application slow?

Have you tried using RowDataBound event. The moment that row is rendered, you pick the record and then send an email to the client.

The problem why your application is getting slow is that you might be making to many manuplations at post back. Try using AJAX to perform those operations which are not so important.

I think this should help.
Rahul VB 11-Mar-14 3:24am View
I read Original Griff's article i call him OG. He has a great article on sending an email using C#. He is a code project MVP. I cant actually recollect about his article, i read it recently. Nice one.

I am sorry to confuse you my friend.
Rahul VB 11-Mar-14 3:16am View
My doubt is that, if every thing is correct, the code works fine, the host name is correct, then only one thing can go wrong: The Host is not being pinged OR He is using a proxy server...
Rahul VB 11-Mar-14 3:15am View
Are you using a PROXY SERVER? check that out first....
Rahul VB 5-Mar-14 13:21pm View
Yes OG, i took a long pause, and the interviewer said "you took a Grammy award pause...." hahahah laugh:). Actually i dont want to relocate but, it seems i might have too. So OG tell me, how many places have you traveled so far? i mean do you like traveling?
Rahul VB 5-Mar-14 13:17pm View
Thanks a ton, friend
Rahul VB 4-Mar-14 13:57pm View
Ahh yes OG, actually i wasnt well. Now the project i was working on completely got changed, every thing changed, the architecture itself. It became frustrating. laugh:). Gave a couple of interviews. Wanted to change job. Gave some interviews on ASP, WPF. Just wish me luck. Mostly i will be relocating, if i switch my job. Lots of chaos hehehe.... Only money and package is not the only thing. Its also the work. I am relaxing a bit. One question puzzled me.... which was asked to me "why do you declare any event handler private? i.e when you double click on any control why does it generate a private event handler? " and many many such question OG.
Some questions like : "What are your salary expectations" answer "As per industry norms..." hehehe
Another one "What if we teach you MVC?"...."I mean in how much time will you learn MVC?"
Many many many such questions OG. and the moment i return back....friends come up with a plethora of questions : "Hey Rahul, tell what did they ask you? wait till i get my notepad and pen...."
Heheheheheheehhe i just kept laughing and laughing OG.

Rahul VB 2-Mar-14 15:26pm View
fantastic OG. How are you? Been a long time not spoken to you......i hope you remember me...
Multithreading...plc....devices etc etc.. remember? (Respected Sir) laugh:)
Rahul VB 11-Feb-14 13:25pm View
Hey Karthik, sorry to trouble you. I just wanted to ask you about some suggestions on Actually, my asp is weak. I started off reading about page life cycle and stuff, i read about the controls, now i am into caching. Long time ago i read about ajax. I feel that i must start reading Javascript too. How should i go about it? I have done projects in ASP.Net and rendered data on the web. But i need to dwelve deeper into the subject. Any suggestion would be help full. Thanks a ton.
Rahul VB 11-Feb-14 13:21pm View
Thanks Sir, i am weak in I was reading about all the server controls, then i read about ajax. Then i read about page life cycle etc and all the basics. Now i am reading caching and stuff. But i am also thinking to start Javascript side by side, so i was wondering how to go about it.
Rahul VB 9-Feb-14 9:43am View
Rahul VB 8-Feb-14 14:44pm View
Nice one Sir. Can you suggest some books?
Rahul VB 8-Feb-14 14:42pm View
hi Karthik, how have you been? Thanks for the solution, i was going through grid view, but dont know VB.
Rahul VB 6-Feb-14 12:29pm View
Of course i know raining: "The wet kind" laugh:). What i mean to say is, here in India winters is gone. Now its almost summer. I mean, i cant imagine raining. And to top it all, i hate rainy season. So you can call my expression a hyperbole :laugh
Rahul VB 6-Feb-14 11:42am View
WHAT????? what do you mean by "Stop Raining?" seventh week of rain? hahah :laugh. What kind of rain?
Rahul VB 6-Feb-14 11:22am View
Hey OG, do you remember me? laugh:) you sound a little upset. Dont mind just kidding.
Rahul VB 6-Feb-14 9:56am View
hey OG how have you been? long time dint speak to you.
Rahul VB 5-Feb-14 13:53pm View
Hello Sir,
How are you? I just tried it out once again. i switched back to that project. Worked out well. Sorry for the late reply.

Thanks a ton,
Rahul VB 2-Feb-14 10:26am View
Dont mind me asking,but whats that link?