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Debarshi-C 29-Apr-13 3:48am View
How are you getting the data to be inserted? Is it in a bulk? or from screen? If it is under your control, you can set at beginning for checking null values and insert your desired values.
Debarshi-C 29-Apr-13 3:34am View
Are the columns which needs to be hidden, known? i.e. is the expression to hide the column (or textbox) is on all columns or only few of them? Probably I can help you, based on this.
Debarshi-C 29-Apr-13 3:15am View
Hi, It is not very clear from your question whether your application is web Or windows app. Can you elaborate on what you meant by '[...if we add attachments in backend its not picking the path]'?
To answer your question on face value, its possible, but little more elaboration will be useful.