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What's stopping you learning a new programming language?

11 Jun 2012 to 18 Jun 2012 Learning a new language is a great way to become a better programmer, but a lot of us make excuses. What's yours? Or are you already a polyglot programmer?

Text entry answers for sorted by frequency of occurrance.

(3) 1
(2) CListCtrl
(2) i have not use the guidance
(2) lack of bacon
(2) not enough resources
(1) Not implemented because of the client not permitting that language and the major factor is the company requires an updated Trainer
(1) Nothing - I learn them all the time
(1) Nothing is stoping me, because I am learning Java actually
(1) nothing stopping me!
(1) Simply no NEED to learn another language
(1) They seem very hard to understand.
(1) They stuff it up with needless gibberish and you do need eyes with pattern recognition.
(1) time
(1) Very difficult to make the move
(1) want to be expert on onething particularly
(1) Wanted to learn WPF, but it is a group of lagunages.
(1) Wondering what language will be around long enough to warrant the investment
(1) lack of better training resources. It takes long time to go with self learning and expensive to go to professional.
(1) Lack to time to learn new programming language
(1) laziness
(1) Lazy
(1) lazyness
(1) Lazyness !
(1) Never stop learning :)
(1) Not a programmer
(1) I know C++
(1) I learn them when I need to use them.
(1) I learned and forgot, no work on it
(1) i need a mentor
(1) I think a person should focus on one subject. If I want to spend time to learn other languages, I can spend my time to learn more about my current language.
(1) I, always looking for chance to learn new programming language. and right now i already now more than 3 programming language.
(1) I'm an actor - Leslie Nielsen
(1) I'm old
(1) Its better to master one trade than being a jack of all trades..
(1) Company wants to keep me stupid
(1) Don't want to start as a fresher again
(1) help and tool not available.
(1) I first want to learn one language perfectly
(1) All of that?
(1) Already know 5 programming language and not much requirement for another language as of now.
(1) c# for shat
(1) CBaconListCtrl
(1) Chinese, French, Spanish, etc.,
(1) "Nothing's gonna stop me now"