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Survey Free Text Answers

You are asked to work on a project in a language you don't know. What do you do?

15 Aug 2011 to 22 Aug 2011 Let's assume you're given time to learn the new language before you start, if required.

Text entry answers for sorted by frequency of occurrance.

(2) If I dislike the language, after a minimum investigation and no alternative, I go out or quit.
(1) If I don't like the new language, I quit. Otherwise, I learn and dive in.
(1) I'll decide based on my interest and career scope of the language.
(1) I'll dive in only if I like that language
(1) I'll use my tough-guy voice and convince them to use the language of my choice!
(1) Impossible, the company only ever uses C#
(1) It depends on language to dive
(1) It depends on level of knowlege of language
(1) It’s rare that a new language would deter. The obstacles are the code libraries and the (new) toolset required, particularly the debugger.
(1) N/A
(1) PANIC !!!
(1) reflect on the fact that alas, bacon is not kosher
(1) Run screaming "FIRE" so that maybe the boss will forget that they gave me the taks in the first place!
(1) Study the language a little, then dive in and learn as I go.
(1) Subclass Language From CListCtrl
(1) Tell them I can't do it
(1) there are no new languages just variations on a theme, except for Prolog.
(1) Try out some R&D on small projects until I'm happy I understand the nuances of the language.
(1) Try to convince them that either C++ or C# are the way to go.
(1) Unless there's a good reason for me to learn the language, I say no
(1) A mix from the two first options
(1) Bacon
(1) Bacon helps ;)
(1) Depends on a language.
(1) Depends on how marketable the new language is
(1) Depends on the language, if it's VB I quit. Java I'd try to get out of the project. Most anything else I'd dive in and learn as I go.
(1) eat as much bacon as possible
(1) fetal position mumbling C++ library names over and over
(1) Get the basic idea of the language and then DIVE-IN, let comes the horror... The most pathetic is VB (Very Boring)
(1) I ask for some time to learn that language and then as per that i give the answer...
(1) I dive, learn as I go but also buy some good books to speed-up learning
(1) I learn some of the new language and then dive in
(1) I recently found myself in this situation, after being the recipient of some Delphi 5 code and a friendly "The program still works, but there are a few features I'd like you to add." I added the features, but I wouldn't say I've learnt the language (Or want even to)
(1) I tell the Customer that it may take more time then...
(1) I try to convince them to do it in a language I am experieced with