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Should developers ensure their applications allow exchange of data with other applications of the same type?

29 Nov 2010 to 6 Dec 2010 Should we be required to provide the means to import and export data from our applications to ensure uses aren't locked into a single application?

Text entry answers for sorted by frequency of occurrance.

(3) CListCtrl
(1) CListCtrl Automation Server Grid
(1) De
(1) Depends
(1) Depends on the application's form and function.
(1) Depends on the data and security requirements.
(1) depends on the situation
(1) Depends totally on the requirements
(1) Depends. Is the vendor providing the application losing customers because of "lock-in". If not, then no. If they are losing, then add it.
(1) If it's a requirement/in spec
(1) If the customer pays for it.
(1) If you don't need to, don't do it. in short, NO. On the other hand if someone pays for this and asks for this, of course, YES.
(1) It all depends on the requirments
(1) it cost extra so its client call to make
(1) It depends
(1) It depends on the application
(1) No, but I won't buy an app that doesn't.
(1) No, not unless it's in the requirements document
(1) No, we should design our applications to give users back their data in meaningful ways, so they would never need to export it. But that uses the word 'should' so open standards are great.
(1) Not a developer issue, ask customer
(1) On a case by case basis.
(1) Only if client requires it
(1) Only if it actually benefits users,
(1) Only if it's in the original specs - if it's not specced, it's not payed for.
(1) Only if it's in the spec
(1) Only if requirements specify. Code costs, customer call. This question is vague - applications of the same type?
(1) Only if there is a requirement that drives the need for such functionality.
(1) Requirements, Requirements, Requirements ...
(1) Stupid Question
(1) The word "required", turns me towards No. If we are required to live up to standards always, a lot innovation could be lost, due to standard constraints etc.
(1) This is a business decision, not developer’s.
(1) this is very specific for a survey; senseless.
(1) What if there is nothing like it?
(1) Yes, if it is in the Specs and not contrary to security.
(1) Yes. But strict integrity checks such as consistency must be passed before any process is commited.
(1) Bacon