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I have been a carpenter and machine operator since I graduated from high school. I like working on things I can see. At age 7 I was playing in a machine shop in my dad's school and injured myself on my head by a lathe. I have a scar on my head with no hair in that area. However, my love of machines did not go away.

At my spare time I read some programming books and like some of the modern languages such as C# and C++ very much. But after repeated attempts to change myself into a "good" programmer, spanning 20 years, I am still pretty dumb. I tried once to find a job in Dallas as a programmer. They liked my demo projects but were very unhappy with the fact that I did not have a bachelor's degree in computers. Needless to say I did not get that job.

Since I am looking at programming from a non-programmer's point of view, my programs sometimes look unconventional. That drew some criticisms. I don't mind negative views on my programs. I even feel good when people say something like that.

I am the main customer of my programs. They work well for me.

I am a carpenter anyway!


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