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Steve Vink - Professional Profile


I have previously entered the AppInnovation contest with Orchestrated Entertainment Bingo. This won me an Ultrabook and $1000 in prize money for the completed game published to AppUp, making it to the final round. This was followed by a comprehensive article explaining how I achieved the functionality in the game.

I am also fortunate to be supported by The Game Creators and Lee Bamber who is a regular entrant in the Intel Ultimate Coder challenge, for whom I publish their monthly newsletter.

A previous game I have published on AppUp was awarded the Intel badge for being "Enhanced for Core". This was due to the power-saving features in the game.

I have also been awarded a $1000 marketing campaign by Intel for my efforts in optimising my software for Intel processors.

In the Blackberry world, I have been awarded a Blackberry Playbook for my publication of a tablet-based game.

Having spent 22 years in the IT industry as programmer, analyst, consultant, contractor and software engineer, I am now in my ultimate challenge as director of a consultancy company, We're pushing ourselves to the limits writing software and providing consultancy for our clients whilst building a business, creating in-house software and finding time to relax in between. My role is defined as the tech guy having experience in numerous languages, hardware, and spending most of my time making them do extraordinary things together.

The App Innovation Contest 2013 will see me working with AGK again, doing creative things with a highly versatile platform.

Previous AppInnovation articles (deleted from CodeProject):



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