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ActionAuthorAuthorityDebatorEditorEnquirerOrganiserParticipantIf OwnerMember Types
Have no restrictions on voting frequencysilversilversilversilver
Bypass spam checks when posting contentsilversilversilversilversilversilvergoldSubEditor, Mentor, Protector, Editor
Store personal files in your account areaplatinumplatinumSubEditor, Editor
Have live hyperlinks in your profilebronzebronzebronzebronzebronzebronzesilverSubEditor, Protector, Editor
Have the ability to include a biography in your profilebronzebronzebronzebronzebronzebronzesilverSubEditor, Protector, Editor
Edit a Question in Q&AsilversilversilversilverYesSubEditor, Protector, Editor
Edit an Answer in Q&AsilversilversilversilverYesSubEditor, Protector, Editor
Delete a Question in Q&AYesSubEditor, Protector, Editor
Delete an Answer in Q&AYesSubEditor, Protector, Editor
Report an ArticlesilversilversilversilverSubEditor, Mentor, Protector, Editor
Approve/Disapprove a pending ArticlegoldgoldgoldgoldSubEditor, Mentor, Protector, Editor
Edit other members' articlesSubEditor, Protector, Editor
Create an article without requiring moderationplatinumSubEditor, Mentor, Protector, Editor
Approve/Disapprove a pending QuestionProtector
Approve/Disapprove a pending AnswerProtector
Report a forum messagesilversilverbronzeProtector, Editor
Approve/Disapprove a pending Forum MessageProtector
Have the ability to send direct emails to members in the forumsProtector
Create a new tagsilversilversilversilver
Modify a tagsilversilversilversilver

Actions with a green tick can be performed by this member.

GeneralGet Duplicare row And Delete Duplicate row in a table Pin
sanwar_mal_jat31-May-13 4:13
Membersanwar_mal_jat31-May-13 4:13 
Generallocal or Global temp table in SQL Server Pin
sanwar_mal_jat29-May-13 1:49
Membersanwar_mal_jat29-May-13 1:49 
GeneralUse JSON or AJEX Method or Page.Mwthods Use Pin
sanwar_mal_jat27-May-13 22:56
Membersanwar_mal_jat27-May-13 22:56 
GeneralUse a sessin class In VB.NET Pin
sanwar_mal_jat27-May-13 19:59
Membersanwar_mal_jat27-May-13 19:59 
GeneralGet Image Dimentions Useing an Another server Uploaded Images In VB.NET Pin
sanwar_mal_jat27-May-13 19:53
Membersanwar_mal_jat27-May-13 19:53 
GeneralSliding Effect Pin
sanwar_mal_jat22-May-13 21:40
Membersanwar_mal_jat22-May-13 21:40 
GeneralDate Picker With Today date Button Pin
sanwar_mal_jat13-May-13 3:47
Membersanwar_mal_jat13-May-13 3:47 
GeneralCTAS – Create Table As SELECT and Use SELECT INTO for copy data or Schema (Only fiel and data type) one table to another table Pin
sanwar_mal_jat2-May-13 0:48
Membersanwar_mal_jat2-May-13 0:48 
GeneralSystem define classes Name and Type of Class Pin
sanwar_mal_jat25-Apr-13 22:41
Membersanwar_mal_jat25-Apr-13 22:41 
GeneralCall a request url and get string When returan a Xml File And Read Node Pin
sanwar_mal_jat12-Feb-13 23:06
Membersanwar_mal_jat12-Feb-13 23:06 
GeneralCall a request url and get string When returan a Xml or string Pin
sanwar_mal_jat12-Feb-13 22:57
Membersanwar_mal_jat12-Feb-13 22:57 
GeneralXML regarding Pin
sanwar_mal_jat12-Feb-13 22:50
Membersanwar_mal_jat12-Feb-13 22:50 
GeneralSearch a string in a SQL Server database all tables. Pin
sanwar_mal_jat4-Feb-13 19:29
Membersanwar_mal_jat4-Feb-13 19:29 
GeneralOn the fly image change as size Pin
sanwar_mal_jat17-Jan-13 3:13
Membersanwar_mal_jat17-Jan-13 3:13 
GeneralCheck Validation before Onclientclick in ASP.Net button Pin
sanwar_mal_jat8-Jan-13 23:12
Membersanwar_mal_jat8-Jan-13 23:12 
GeneralDrag and droap a table and change ranking . Pin
sanwar_mal_jat2-Jan-13 22:57
Membersanwar_mal_jat2-Jan-13 22:57 
GeneralEdit droap down problem grid and other time Pin
sanwar_mal_jat1-Jan-13 19:35
Membersanwar_mal_jat1-Jan-13 19:35 
GeneralCreate pivot table and set same max value in some colums. Pin
sanwar_mal_jat3-Dec-12 2:57
Membersanwar_mal_jat3-Dec-12 2:57 
GeneralCoalesce Function in SQL server Pin
sanwar_mal_jat25-Oct-12 22:08
Membersanwar_mal_jat25-Oct-12 22:08 
GeneralCheck some data exist or not in database Using J-query and validate a page Using J-query Pin
sanwar_mal_jat15-Oct-12 22:59
Membersanwar_mal_jat15-Oct-12 22:59 
GeneralUse regex method for Url rewriting metch send salash seperated value Pin
sanwar_mal_jat12-Oct-12 1:21
Membersanwar_mal_jat12-Oct-12 1:21 
GeneralCSS and page path problem solve in url rewriting. Pin
sanwar_mal_jat11-Oct-12 3:59
Membersanwar_mal_jat11-Oct-12 3:59 
GeneralApp setting key import in page Pin
sanwar_mal_jat11-Oct-12 0:46
Membersanwar_mal_jat11-Oct-12 0:46 
GeneralChange dynamic css class in html menues Pin
sanwar_mal_jat3-Oct-12 20:55
Membersanwar_mal_jat3-Oct-12 20:55 
GeneralResolve path problem in Master page ehn use multi folder in a web application. Pin
sanwar_mal_jat3-Oct-12 19:13
Membersanwar_mal_jat3-Oct-12 19:13 

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