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Luis Oliveira 1966 - Professional Profile


Analyst, systems developer and data engineer since 1984, when the operating system CP / M was still the best thing for personal computers.

With rich experience in developing applications for activities related to transport, maritime and rail and road, I started my activities generating applications for data conversion from mainframe to personal computers and business activities of the financial and telecommunications.

Some clients / partners, with whom I have incalculable debt to have assimilated almost everything I know and made ​​me the person I am today:

- TELESP (actually Telefonica Group);
- Bank of Brazil;
- USP;
- OGMO Santos;
- OGMO victory;
- Customs of the Port of Santos;
- Brazil's Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC Cruises / MSC Freight);
- Tecondi;
- Group Rodrimar;
- Medinter;
- Group Mosque;
- Group Santos Brazil;
- Ferplan;
- Teferi;
- City of Sete Barras;
- City of Cajati;
- City of Itapuí;
- City of Canaanite;
- City of Guararema;
- City of Aparecida;
- Carrefour;
- Procwork;
- Systems General of Brazil.


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