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Music collector, astronomy impassionate who loves cycling and computer gaming, I dream about changing the world for the better. I began programming in 1998, starting with Pascal, on an old computer from a Swedish friend of my father's, an Intel 386 4 MB of RAM (my financial situation wasn't that great). For about 2 years and a half, Pascal was everything I knew, but was already trying to make games with it.

In the year 2001 I was able (again, through the help of somebody outside my life and family) to buy an AMD K6 2 500 MHz. It is then when I was first acquainted with high-level programming languages. The first was Visual Basic 6. A couple of months later, Delphi 5 and 6 followed.

My first major projects were: security application for an Internet Cafe (2002, VB) and an IRC Robot with sockets (2002, Delphi). Also, 2002 meant my first contacts with the then-Macromedia Flash, which is still one of my favourite programs, including its Action Script language, although right now in 2009 I mostly use Flash Builder to work in ActionScript 3.

In 2003 I was hired at ESD, a RO-US company and made my first contact with C#, MSSQL 2000, web only. In July 2005 I moved to Route 66, a company where I worked in C++ for Symbian Nokia Series 60 OS. Then, in March 2006 I returned to C# at DeuroMedia, this time with Postgre SQL, web only. March 2007 saw me move to a smaller company but with greater financial benefits, working with C# and MSSQL 2005, both desktop and web.

Together with a friend, in 2007 we founded a software development house (Wildcard Technologies). We had customers from USA, DE, CZ & NL. Unfortunately, after our participation at Systems @ Munchen 2007 and CeBit @ Hannover 2008 we got hit by the global crisis and had to close down.

In the second half of 2009, after a short period of being unemployed, I left for Stockholm, Sweden, on a new contract, involving ASP.Net 3.5, nHibernate and SQL 2008.

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