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Hi Geeks,
I am Developer in Microsoft .Net Technologies like ASP.Net C# and WCF.

Wish you all the best in Development.

Ravi Sant


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GeneralImportnt Pin
Ravi Sant12-May-11 20:29
MemberRavi Sant12-May-11 20:29 
GeneralLocations for xyzee Pin
Ravi Sant20-Jul-11 3:02
MemberRavi Sant20-Jul-11 3:02 
Ravi Sant5-Aug-11 3:30
MemberRavi Sant5-Aug-11 3:30 
GeneralGarlic & Onion Pin
Ravi Sant7-Aug-11 22:21
MemberRavi Sant7-Aug-11 22:21 
GeneralRouters ADSL DSL Moden Internet Network Pin
Ravi Sant27-Aug-11 2:25
MemberRavi Sant27-Aug-11 2:25 
GeneralDefault Password List Pin
Ravi Sant27-Aug-11 2:25
MemberRavi Sant27-Aug-11 2:25 
GeneralWin 8 & RT Development Resources Pin
Ravi Sant25-Sep-11 22:11
MemberRavi Sant25-Sep-11 22:11 
General.Net Source Pin
Ravi Sant25-Nov-11 3:25
MemberRavi Sant25-Nov-11 3:25 
GeneralInventors Pin
Ravi Sant29-Nov-11 2:57
MemberRavi Sant29-Nov-11 2:57 
GeneralWhat is cb() in Node? Pin
Ravi Sant31-Oct-16 2:28
MemberRavi Sant31-Oct-16 2:28 
GeneralComparing Dates in JavaScript Pin
Ravi Sant18-Jan-17 23:22
MemberRavi Sant18-Jan-17 23:22 
GeneralUnique - Underscore Pin
Ravi Sant9-Mar-17 4:03
MemberRavi Sant9-Mar-17 4:03 
GeneralDouble == vs Tripple === in JavaScript Pin
Ravi Sant18-Jan-17 23:32
MemberRavi Sant18-Jan-17 23:32 
GeneralReport Formatting Pin
Ravi Sant23-May-17 0:54
MemberRavi Sant23-May-17 0:54 
GeneralDOLLAR vs RUPEE Pin
Ravi Sant12-Jun-12 22:52
MemberRavi Sant12-Jun-12 22:52 
GeneralLinks to watch for MH flight Pin
Ravi Sant20-Jul-14 1:24
MemberRavi Sant20-Jul-14 1:24 
GeneralTips and Tricks for Visual Studio Pin
Ravi Sant29-May-15 5:02
MemberRavi Sant29-May-15 5:02 
GeneralHow can I easily diff/compare 2 shelvesets in TFS? Pin
Ravi Sant29-May-15 5:02
MemberRavi Sant29-May-15 5:02 
GeneralDialogs vs Workflows Pin
Ravi Sant28-Sep-15 5:27
MemberRavi Sant28-Sep-15 5:27 
GeneralMultiSelect cusom Dropdown from UL-LI tags Pin
Ravi Sant29-Sep-15 2:00
MemberRavi Sant29-Sep-15 2:00 
GeneralBest & Cheap Pin
Ravi Sant13-Oct-15 20:53
MemberRavi Sant13-Oct-15 20:53 
GeneralDomain, Service & Data - quick note Pin
Ravi Sant18-May-16 22:31
MemberRavi Sant18-May-16 22:31 
GeneralRegex in SQL Pin
Ravi Sant19-May-16 5:17
MemberRavi Sant19-May-16 5:17 
GeneralBirmingham, U.K., my old downtown, those happy days.. Pin
Ravi Sant19-May-16 22:38
MemberRavi Sant19-May-16 22:38 
GeneralAngular JS Fiddles Pin
Ravi Sant20-Sep-16 1:53
MemberRavi Sant20-Sep-16 1:53 

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