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1990 - my first encounter with the Z80 processor (in the embodiment of CIP) which taught me about BASIC, variables, and the FOR loop

1994 - got my first x86 computer (in the form of a 386SX) and began the transition from BASIC to Pascal and then C++. During this time I started to develop a better understanding of programming as I started to learn about data structures and algorithms

1997 - I got seriously interested in developing games and began moving away from DOS to Windows and DirectX. This opened up a lot of uncharted territory and allowed me to learn about object oriented programming and code optimizations

2000 - I got my first real job which involved developing multimedia applications (in VB6 and VC++6) which were not very impressive, neither very successful, but this taught me about deadlines and a little bit about what it means to be a professional software developer

Since then I continued to acquire knowledge about technologies such as COM+, MFC, .NET , communications protocols and database technologies.

Between 2003 and 2004 I've had the opportunity to work at Motorola in a team of incredibly talented developers which allowed me to experience the pros and cons of working for such a large corporation.

Since then I've been working for a consulting company in a much more compact environment which I prefer to large corporate environments for certain reasons. I've continued to learn and sharpen my skills and as of late I'm spending a lot of time perfecting my understanding of concurrency and it's implications to us software developers.


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