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Hello my name is Simon Rasmussen and I'm a 17 year old student from Denmark, in my spare time however I like to explore the possibilities of programming which i started doing 2-3 years ago by reading about c++ however i was too stupid and later learned about C# which suited me just perfectly.
In the beginning I developed stuff in windows forms and it was horrible however one day i was fortunate enough to stumble upon WPF and the VMMV design pattern which in my head is the best and easiest way to develop a good looking application without the headache of updating the UI yourself.

Recently I started developing YAKB which I hope will end up having a community behind which will help extend its feature set as well as add support for more applications, another thing I'd like to achieve with it is to have a small shoulder clap (read donation) from people who appreciate the work I've invested in it and possible help pay a bit of my drivers license when the day comes for me to terrorize the roads with my awful driving Wink | ;)

I hope to enter university and end up as a software engineer/designer/programmer/whatever it's called


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