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I have been a software developer for 35 years as a second career. Prior to that, I was a CPA in Public Practice, then CFO and Controller for several international, Public companies. Accordingly, after leaving my financial career, most of my development work has been is accounting, ERP, manufacturing, HR and other business software. While working on my MBA, I started taking MIS courses and liked it so much I dropped the MBA program and took more MIS and several CS courses. In the former, my programming classes were all Cobol related, and in the latter, I took all C courses. I loved C but because the business software with which I worked, after my second education, were all written in Cobol and ran on DOS, Windows and Unix, most of my development was done using Cobol. Because I always supported both Windows and Unix/Linix, I stayed with mostly Cobol until 6-7 years ago. Now, I use C/C++, Python and web languages for almost everything, and with my own software products, I still support both Windows and Unix/Linux platforms. I love software development, and in general, IT-anything. I still wake up every morning looking forward to what new development and technology knowledge I am going to learn. IT is a fascinating career.



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