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Altair BASIC->gwBasic->Apple BASIC->Atari BASIC->PASCAL->DOS 3.3->Windows 1.0->VBA->PowerBuilder->Think C->Oracle 6.1->ERWin->C++->asm->bash/csh/ksh->Sybase SQL Server->VB 3.0->Microsoft SQL Server->cgi/JS/(X)HTML->Classic ASP->.NET/WPF/WCF

PHP/Zend/MySQL in there somewhere too. Oh and as little java as I have been required to do to make a living. Plus a smattering of Objective-C/Cocoa and Android.

But perhaps most notably: Microsoft Advanced Visual Notepad# Datacenter Server Lite Trial Version pre-alpha .001

Music, philosophy, bacon

Looking forward to the journey that I have ahead of me as I migrate my skills a little bit lower into the hardware stack level so that I may further my research into telecyberdildonics.



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