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The best Christmas gift I ever got was a TI/994a back in '83. Not only was it good for games, but best of all I could write programs that solved problems, like math or geometry homework. I could even use the cassette drive to save, then reload my programs!..until the interface gave out!..which was about the time I started having other interests. Over the next 15 years I accumulated some college credits and worked around a dozen different jobs including a 10 year stint in the corrugated fiberboard shipping container industry. Eventually, I went back to college and finished with a degree in CIS/MIS. I have been working with the same company now for over 15 years and have earned equal partnership. Over 6 years ago we downsized becoming one developer (me) and one report writer/sales/bookkeeper/etc. (partner)
I enjoy creating products that solve problems for my clients. I don't work for the company, I work for them and have built great long lasting relationships with them all. I'm looking forward to a time when a major player in the industry takes interest and makes all the hard work pay off.


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